NY Times report on Coptic Christians

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church

I just came across this. Its quite recent.


Its a sad fact that Coptic Christians were indeed immigrating to Canada/America/Europe since Sadat in droves.

What's sadder is that we left Egypt to get out of an Islamic Egypt, and yet at times, I feel I'm still under Sharia law right in the middle of Europe. I pass women with Burkas every day despite it being illegal. I eat halal meat on a regular basis because that's all that's on for sale at many times.

I really hope Western Europe and the US learn from the story of the Coptic Church. If we are treated as 2nd class citizens in our own country and we are the indigenous people of Egypt, what will the attitude of muslims be towards other host countries?


  • Before Mau Tse - Tong, Great Britain tried to destroy China by soliciting opium into China, managing to hook a great number of the Chinese on it, knowing it will destroy them and then they can be controlled easier. Great Western values !!

    It is the same with Islam. It is like Opium, or AIDS, capable of destroying a whole nation and thereby creating an anarchy which will facilitate the control of these strategic nations. It is for this reason that Britain and afterwards the US have always supported Islamic movements in the Middle East.

    Yet, a divine rule is being ignored. "You reap what you sow". They sow Islam, they will get to taste its sting. And they fully deserve it.

    As for Copts, we are not of this World and if we believe that there is a place in the World that is less dominated by Satan than any other, then we are naive.
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