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I was just fascinated when I found this website:

I think it's cool to have a special orthodox one! besides, I didn't know there were so many different orthodox 'types'


  • There is also Coptic matchmaking websites out there. This is what H.G. Bishop Youssef says about them:

    Not everything that has the word 'Coptic' in its title is approved by the Church. This website is not affiliated with the Church and it could be deceiving as any other similar website. You have to be aware of the following:
    This website does not mention who is responsible for it. It is not sponsored by any obvious church or a diocese or an organization.

    It is not a free service service because they intend to collect subscription fee to cover the expenses. Churches usually would not charge for their web services.

    There is no guarantee about the reliability of the information posted. In their terms and conditions they state clearly, "We cannot guarantee that each member is at least the required minimum age, nor do we accept responsibility or liability for any content, communication or other use or access of the Site by persons under the age of 18 in violation of these Terms." As a member, you agree that you are solely responsible for the content or information you display on the Coptic Match service, or transmit to other Coptic Match members. This also means that they have no proof that those members are really Coptic in the first place.

    They also do expect some profanity or disputes to occur and they release themselves from any liability.

    Putting your picture on the internet may give the wrong impression.

    Because of all of this unreliable information, one may find himself/herself in a very dangerous position. There are many studies which reveal disturbing situations resulting from such misleading ways of communication.

    There are so many other ways and places to meet young Christians who are looking for a serious relationship better than starting with a picture and some unreliable information.

    Bishop Youssef

  • Interesting, but I don't think this website charges.

    I understand the risks..but so is the case with Facebook and other networking sites..right?

    How come our church has not created it's own safe version of a dating website then?

    The website is not solely for is also for finding friends etc etc.

    Just out of curiosity...was the bishop talking about this website specifically?

  • No he was talking about coptic match maker. But this is very similar. I think he just wants people to be more cautious, some people are not mature enough or should not be using these sites. However for some it should be fine. On a side note faith in God can really help in finding a soul mate perhaps.. perhaps I should not talk because I may have quite some time before I find a spouse for myself. But the God who said to Jeremiah "I knew you before you were born" and not to have an anxious mind. If God so clothes the grass of the field will we not much more clothe you, o you of little faith?
    I guess if I really have faith in God I would not make it a must to convince you.
    God could be preparing a spouse or many spouses that are suitable for us through events or his own ways and if people were ruining His plans it is in His hand to destroy them as He destroyed herod and sodom and gommorah. The bible itself says that a good woman is from who? from the LORD! but people should do all that is in their power to find someone they love.

  • Thanks for that, but you're scaring me slightly :)

    I think I'm just looking for friends with similar interests atm because I can tell you this: it's almost technically impossible for me to meet anybody with my lifestyle..I have no social life.

    And no, I'm not social activities are all virtual online really.
  • I don't have a social life myself. But if you have free time perhaps sit in a cafe and listen to other people speak
  • sorry for the poor advice.

  • do you really need a social life? perhaps just go to all the church events and also you may meet other people which interest you or they are interested in you outside of church
    thats as most as you can hope or ask for in a social life as far as I know unless you want to go up higher
  • I have been young and now am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.
    Sometimes christians go through hard things like Lazarus in the parable of the rich man who ignored him, however he was taken up into heaven soon while the rich man went down to hades. Perhaps lazarus was born of a evil father or  he once had money but spent it on too many things and finally came to himself and needed money for food (not for drugs!). You could say he was just born of a father with not much money but then how could it be true the righteous man's seed will never beg? why didn't lazarus go to someone else and why didn't God take care of him?
    Also the bible says that the wicked does not live out half his days and the Angel of the LORD encompasses all who fear Him and delivers them. This poor man cried out and God heard him. So I believe God is watching over his children. Solomon said God is present in the affairs of men. His mercy is on those who fear Him. He has put down the mighty from their thrones and exalted the lowly.

  • what do you mean go up higher?

    it isn't good nor healthy to be cut off from society, that's why I need to improve my lifestyle.
  • I mean have even greater communication skills which you can acquire by listening and talking to many strangers as long as it is not dangerous
    Also it is not good to say someone is poor because he has an evil parent. We know God is kind to the good and the unthankful evil person
  • what poor? what evil parent? i didn't mention anything about what you are talking about?
  • It was following my previous point
    Going back to this point
    "And Jesus increased in stature and favor with God and man"
    "pursue peace with all men and holiness without which noone will see the LORD"
  • It wasn't you who said anything about a poor person or an evil parent, it was me.
  • perhaps we need to be patient for results. It is not possible to attend church if we really need to work but I guess we can if there is no work.
    You can meet people by volunteering to do things like drving someone to church or tutoring someone, or watching your church play a soccer match etc
    Just be there where there is people.
  • so will you to participate with a community in some way?
    you can even serve coffee at church
  • my close friend has had her heart terribly broken MORE THAN ONCE by a 'Christian' dating site.
    if u have no parents, no friends and no priest, send me a personal message, and i will give u advice about finding friends in yr country (i think we r in different countries, so i am sorry, i can't pop round for a coffee).

    so these websites can break yr heart! i would never advise anyone to meet someone this way. people post untrue information about themselves, and even post pictures of a younger or thinner person and say it's them!
    they will agree with everything u say and tell u that u r the most important person in the world.

    this can have a profound effect on someone who is sad and lonely and they can start to depend on this sugary talk, so that the pain is even worse when it all goes wrong (statistically speaking it nearly always goes wrong).

    alternately, you can draw near to God and 'He will draw near to you'.
    pray every day from the agpeya, go often to church, take Holy Communion and try to talk to one person each sunday. maybe there is an old grandma who doesn't talk much - go over and say 'hi'. the following week get her a cup of tea, and the next week, try to ask her about her life and family and spend a few minutes talking.
    if u find it really hard to talk to people, look for someone who looks shy (they'll appreciate yr effort) and just talk for a minute or two each time, until u slowly get to know each other.

    i use to be terribly shy, but i worked hard at it, and bit by bit learned how to make friends.
    these are social skills u will NOT improve by meeting people on line. if u do eventually meet them, they might have very few social skills and so it will be up to u to get the friendship working. it can be really hard work.
    so all those people who u would meet on line should also meet real people near where they live and learn more about socialising. by going on line, u r just encouraging them to do something that is not useful to them.
    u r actually distracting them from making real friends!
    try to find a Bible study meeting, a church cleaning group meeting, anything where people spend time together serving God.

    may God guide u, and please pray for me too!
  • Not to worry...these ppl live thousands of miles away..they won't break anything..

    I cry when I go home after most social encounters..they make me feel awful about I'm worthless.
    I hope i'll just pass time till I hopefully die soon. I can't do life.
  • i am sorry to say she had her heart broken by someone in a different country far away.
    i understand socialising can be horrible sometimes.
    maybe u can do some things in the church by yourself? like vacuum the carpet or tidy up after sunday school. u should let someone know how u feel, like a priest, doctor or a very spiritual person (someone in church who does not gossip, who does jobs which no-one notices etc.)
    please also see my personal message.
    may God give u courage, i think u r a lovely person and i love yr posts.
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