Oghnostos or Anaghnostos?

I've heard/read both. Is it Oghnostos or Anaghnostos? What's the difference?
Simple words please, lol, because I understand you guys are like pro Coptic.


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  • ya Mina is definitely correct..its anaghnostos meaning reader...which makes sense since 'reading' is 'anAghnosis' (stress on the capitalized A). I think its just the arabic way of saying the coptic/greek word.
  • Oghnostoc is a corruption of Aghnostes which means "one with no knowledge" or ignorant.

    Anaghnosma means reading or reading passage.
    Anaghnos means impurity
    Anaghnosis means the act of reading
    Aghnosis means ignorance or can't know or un-knowledge. This is where we get the root word for agnosticism.
    Aghnostikistis means agnostic

    The only correct spelling is anagnostes.
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