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Egyptian Christians have welcomed a court ruling in favour of those seeking to have their religious registration on their ID cards officially changed back to 'Christian'. The recent ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court applies to anyone who was originally registered as 'Christian' but whose registration was later changed to 'Muslim' (whether voluntarily or not). More than 2,500 people were part of the application to the court. They included a Christian mother, Kamilia, for whom the ruling means the successful end to a long legal fight to change her twin sons' registration back to 'Christian'. Their registration had been changed to 'Muslim' by their father when their parents divorced. Twins Andrew and Mario have now been issued with new ID cards which state they are 'Christian'. The boys' incorrect registration as 'Muslims' had caused them difficulties at school: in 2008, they were held back a year after refusing to take an exam in Islamic studies.

(Sources: Assist News Service, CLAAS, Middle East Concern)


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