Please Help Sign the Petition to Congress concerning the Coptic Christian

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Please Help Sign the Petition to Congress concerning the Coptic Christian:



  • It is not working for me living in the UK. It may only be for American citizens, so let people know...
    Oujai qen `P[C
  • Just put a U.S. Zip code.
  • I did pass it on, Thank you finding this kind way. That's help a lot.
  • Congress doesn't care; not yesterday, today or tomorrow.

    Coptics do not amount to anything to them.
    Arab money shuts them up.
    They were not even resolute for the Armenian Genocide.
    They appease the Islamic System.
    Our President, Barak Hussein Obama, is a Muslim.  He went to Turkey and Egypt to kiss up to Islam, and he bowed (Freudian slip) to his master, the keeper of the Islamic holy lands, the King of Saudi Arabia.

    Oil is the only motivator for the American Congress.  They are cowards and totally unfounded in any ethics or morals.  Why would anyone expect any righteous action from them?  I have yet to see a righteous act from them.  You cannot expect a righteous act from people who have sold their souls to Satan.

    Not to mention (as a reminder for all of the foolish and naive Coptics who forgot Obama's speech in Egypt that helped incite the "idiots' revolution") his use of mild language concerning the Christian's in Egypt:  "divisions between Sunni and Shia have led to tragic violence", "For instance, in the United States, rules on charitable giving have made it harder for Muslims to fulfill their religios obligation", equating the French prohibition of wearing the hijab to the violence that the Copts and Maronites face.

    This petition will do absolutely nothing, but I will sign it anyway.
  • Dear ilovesaintmark,
    Please do not ridicule the Egyptian revolution as idiotic. Please.. for my sake...
    I agree with you about all what you said about Saudis. In fact, you don't even know that as a muslim country they invented laws for marriage outside wedlock (this is true, I am being serious now). They weekend marriages, holiday marriages, etc etc to suit whoever is going for a visit. So yes they sell women and help prostitution under some guise of fake rules. So much for a country that didn't use to support selling and buying football players for a while... hehe...
    Oujai qen `P[C
  • They also offer money to western people in KSA to convert to Islam. My Arabic instructor (a Westerner who worked there for a few years and lived in the gulf for about 13 years) told me about it. It's funny; isn't that usually an allegation against Christians by Muslims, or Muslims and Hindus in places like India? "Oh, he must've gotten a lot of money from the Christians to pretend to convert, but he knows it's a lie." If I had a dollar for every time I heard that coming out of some stupid Dawah warrior's mouth and/or keyboard. What a bunch of cowards and losers.
  • Ophadece,

    I ridicule the naive nature of the Copts in thinking that they can trust the majority.

    There was no revolution.  It was a bunch of misguided youth, who thought that all of their cool internet toys would make a difference.  The reality is:  the Muslim Brotherhood played them like children, took advantage of them, and raped them of their ideals and hopes.

    Trade:  autocrat for anarchy
    Trade:  corruption for even more corruption
    Trade:  persecution for even more persecution
    No Trade:  Constitution the same (Copts are still second class citizens; Islam is the official religion)

    I don't see the silver lining in all of this.

    Now you have a junta of three trying to each make as much as the ousted Autocrat.  So they will amass 75 Billion X 3 for the cummulative rather than his own single $75 Billion.

    Term:  The lesser of the evils

    Trust me Mubarak was not my favorite person.  However, recalling the words of the Great Ronald Regan:  "are you better off now or four years ago?"

    I love you Ophadece.  I have to sharply disagree with you on this one.
  • And you know how much I respect you ilovesaintmark, and I also disagree with a passion... I can only respond tomorrow when I'm on my computer... so please bear with me...
  • ILSM is in a bad mood, so I'm going to top things off and say I'm on Uncle Fady's side.

  • Dear ilovesaintmark,
    Trust me I am not that naive, and if someone has hope in the future, even though a tad unrealistic, that doesn't mean naivety... this is exactly the case with many Christians in Egypt now.
    OK, let me tell you about some facts. This revolution was not carried out by any muslim brotherhood agent, and whatever they may say, or whatever they claim, the misguided youth that you describe went out of their own accord not only in Tahrir square, but in other cities around Egypt, like Alexandria, Suez, El-Minia, Assiut, and as far as my memory serves me, Zagazig. Anyway, the mb (short for muslim brotherhood) announced loud and clear since before the protests (as they were called) started that they had no intention of joining in, and in fact, they boycott any political activity and their rationale was they had their own plans. However (and please understand this very clearly, and you may also want to read my other post on the thread "prayers for Egypt") they started fishing in dirty waters ONLY WHEN the authorities started giving them the ground, and invited them to join the party. At that time the scaf (supreme council of armed forces) pretended they were with the revolution and protecting it, but what started happening shows you how this ill-minded scaf started using mb for their own interests. They (scaf) started to disrupt any protest or movement taking place anywhere in Cairo, whether in Tahrir, or el Abbasseya, the headquarters of scaf, and they started using thugs and prolific offenders to get rid of the protesters with white weapons, in addition to the normal rock pelting, tear gas, .. etc. Amid this kind of revitalised suppression (not mentioning the abduction of bloggers and revolutionists and torturing them - now in place of the religious activists) salafists and mb members are loose in el tahrir shouting "islameya islameya", just to bring them on the pitch and instil more fear and hopelessness in the revolutionary forces. I don't need to tell you about the show of mubarak's ill health and fair trial, nor do I need to mention the extravagantly rich figures in prisons still going about their businesses... and so, but what you may understand a hint of, is that scaf protecting the interests of the corrupt is trying by every means to foil the popular revolution, and they know it quite well, that their legitimacy is nearing the end very fast.
    Last thing to say, Christians as well as muslims engaged in the revolution. Christians protected muslims when they prayed in the square, and the same happened when the former sang carols and hymns (don't think a Liturgy was served as such). So yes, if any body has been naive it is the Egyptian nation as a whole, and now mubarak is still in power, habib el adly still is, but whilst not in their original places...
    PS: Mina Danial, one of the protesters of Maspero who was murdered three days ago, was one of the political activists (as I believe in 6th of April movement). Michael Mossaad the one who you watched his fiancée in that youtube clip was another one who joined the revolution - stopping short of calling him an activist though...
    Oujai qen `P[C
  • I actually forgot to state a very important point that I should have started my previous post with. I am sure many of you who live in America would know that, because that was a statement made by mubarak in reply to Obama's calls for his stepping down. mubarak said: "i don't like headaches and heartaches, but the only reason i am not stepping down is that if i would do that chaos would ensue". Of course that is what I wanted to point out in my last post (I hope it is easy to connect the two). Since his stepping down there is no police presence in the Egyptian street. Who executes that? What is the executive agent? scaf. So the answer should be clear. Where has the revolution gone?
    Oujai qen `P[C
  • Could anyone give me an american zipcode?
    I don't know the American zpcodes
  • East Brunswick NJ 08816
  • 08854 Old Bridge, NJ
    07304 Jersey City, NJ  (also 07305, 07306, 07307)
    08816  East Brunswick, NJ

    go online

    Pick your favorite (favourite) city and use it.
  • Wait a minute. Isn't petitioning the US congress with fake address or zip code when you don't live in the US a form of lying? Isn't using fraud as much of a sin as murder?

  • How can you be agreeable to using something false ilovestaintmark? This is not a transparent action. Aren't we surposed to be genuine? Please explain.
  • [quote author=Joshuaa link=topic=12456.msg146020#msg146020 date=1318462100]

    How can you be agreeable to using something false ilovestaintmark? This is not a transparent action. Aren't we surposed to be genuine? Please explain.

    I think he doesn't mind it here because he's not expecting Congress to even take a look at the petition.
  • After reading unworthy1' post I think the american government do understand the situation.

      It is a very sad situaion with what is happening there in Eygpt.

      My prayers go to all of those families who lost their loved ones.   
  • They still refer to "sectarian clashes", though. Baloney. Unless the security forces were in this case to be taken as a sect of Islam (which might not be as much of a stretch as we'd all like it to be, but I don't know), I take any writings like that to be biased towards the Islamic view, even if it comes from the supposedly sympathetic and knowledgeable (and un-Islamic, unless you are ILSM) American government. If they really understood what was going on (or, to put it another way, if they actually cared), they would not be giving the Egyptian government the aid that goes into running over our brothers and sisters in the street for trying to air their grievances.

    I almost wish the American government really was ignorant. It's shameful to read that report and know that still no one dares to speak a word of the systematic discrimination of the Copts, for fear of angering the "Muslim world".
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