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Hey guys, my friends are getting married at the end of the month and i was wondering if anyone could list what happens in the mass (with regards to what the priests and the deacon says NOT what we sing but just deacon responses). Also if you could send me a link of someone saying them in Coptic or English:) thanks!


  • Sorry to hijack the thread but I have a small note about the wedding hymns that I've been wondering about, pertaining to the response found here:

    If you look at the text, the Coptic is far too long to fit comfortably into the four verses that the Palm Sunday tune is structured around. I haven't once heard it said "well" in Coptic, but I've only been to maybe four or five weddings where I was listening for it.

    Now, if you listen to this recording of the hymn by the HCIS from a couple of decades ago*, they don't say the last part of the verse at all, stopping at [coptic]`n`ak;arton[/coptic] and not saying [coptic]hiten I=y=c P=,=c `pouro `nte `p`wou[/coptic], which is a logical stop as the verse still makes sense.

    Anyone care to shed some light on this issue?

    * The recording is at the Library of Congress' website which for some reason isn't working at the moment. I'll post the link to the file as soon as I can.
  • The last (fifth) estikhon is just not said. in wedding books i print i have that part italicized or removed if there is no coptic.
  • The link is back up:

    In fact, he stops at "`nanti`a" and doesn't say the rest. Why is this included in the text if it is not said? Who added it?
  • Thanks Copticuser!
  • Copticuser, do you know where i can also get recordings of these in the english language?
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