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    I'm only talking about Coptic font application, not the forum generally....

    yeah...i don't think it's sufficient doesn't look like it.
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    Unicode is nearly perfected and much more advanced than non-Unicode fonts. I hope we switch to Unicode.

    it's funny how you just registered to the forum to tell that. Welcome. but i would still wait for that point of perfection..........there is just too much text we have in coptic on the text library that would take much time to convert. So i'd rather do it when "unicode" is perfected.....not that i am at the position of doing this to the site  :)
  • wow.....i just replied to spam post......
  • Hahaha. Always check the signatures. Just don't click any of the links in them...  ;)
  • Atleast thE spammer wasn't a bot  ;D
  • Mina,

    I've been looking for some good examples of Unicode websites for you. I came upon a weird discovery. Unicode is not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 9. There's boxes everywhere. But if I open the same site in Chrome, the website works correctly. I would imagine Firefox and Safari display Unicode correctly but I don't have them to verify. I also found out that some email sites, like Yahoo and Hotmail convert emails with Unicode into a different non-Unicode font. So if I write you an email on Outlook or Word with a Unicode font and copy and paste, Yahoo messes it up (but not every time).

    So if you want to see good examples of Unicode fonts, don't use Internet Explorer. I would first recommend and Then you can check out (search for Matthew 1 in the Coptic bible and you'll see the New Athena font. I would also recommend (it really does work. But not in IE 9). And if you don't mind reading the Gnostic Coptic manuscripts or Crum's dictionary, go to

    I'm not saying you need to convert all your hymn lyrics to Unicode. If you wanted to has a converter tool. The benefit of Unicode is really seen when you use multiple languages. Switching between Arabic to Coptic to English to Greek in Unicode is simple. And in Oracle's Open Office, there is a Coptic spell checker thanks to Moheb's site. He even has Coptic OCR (which I couldn't get to work).

    Bottom line. Unicode has a lot of advantages. The disadvantages have more to do with Microsoft and other big internet companies than Coptic Unicode fonts themselves.
  • so, we should avoid advertising fitness regimes in our signature like some of your posts...
  • you're a bot, but you're a funny bot!
    makes me wonder if some of the 'bot's are just very very bored humans...
  • Masboota, it's not a bot. It's a human because it's replying "logically" to people's posts. He/she just has to work on their English skills a bit.
  • ahh, sorry.
    the replies are just like nancy salinas who was advertising fitness.
    so i thought it was a related being.
    is she a bot or a human?
    maybe i need to work out who is human and who is bot, coz if he/she is human, i should reply instead of always ignoring the posts.
  • Haha mabsoota, I love you, you are so sweet  ;D. Honestly, nothing you say will mean anything to them because they are just here to advertise and that's all they care about.

    You can tell if it is a bot if the reply is just a spam post in all categories and it's the same message. There aren't that many bots, but mostly they are human, usually from Asia (idk y), they have sketchy English and they find a creative way to tie in a reply while "subtly" advertising. Obviously it isn't as subtle as they think because you are always the first one to realize their pointless intentions.

    We need a moderator that will delete these kinds of posts. The moderator should be an active member who is reputable. There should be a thread where whoever wants to be moderator makes a reply explaining why he/she would be the best person for the job. Then you make a poll with their names and the community votes. This way we will get further on the site without having to filter through nuisances such as ads.
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