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sounds like a silly question, but i was just thinking about this since Jonah's fast is coming up real soon!!


  • :-*to me it doesnt sound like a silly Question becoz i somtimz tink bout fastin
    ;D ;Di lik da Q
  • I voted to improve my self control but i think that improving my self control will help me to have a closer relationship with God. Before i used to be all "omg i just do NOT see the point to fasting!" but i seriously have to learn when to say no so i think i'm ognna be ULTRA dedicated to fasting this year.
  • I just think fasting is giving something up for Christ. If we can not bear a real cross we can sacrifice something for Christ like food. The ultimate fasting is giving up sin but what are we but dust..
  • Quite honestly, i picked because of the Church. Thats nuthing m ashamed of at all by the way. Although I fast because it feels like an obligation, I am still doing this between me n God and ultimately for Him and the blessings come anyways. If it was up to me id prolly say yea i can practice self control and discipline other ways but m glad the church has such structural practices in order because it only helps me all the more with providing me with all the tools that can possibly bring me closer to God.. so thank you Church! for helping me actively implement the teachings of Christ.!!
  • You know sushie (lol YUSTINA) its a nice poll but i believe that its not fair b/c more than one answer really applies to many of the cases. those are my too cents. but your question is righteous
  • I fast because it makes me stronger as a Christian. I actually enjoy doing it sometimes. lol

    lol :) ;) :D ;D

  • I'm telling you, we're sisters and we don't know it yet. We were seperated at birth. lol.

  • hi

    off topic question, if during a fast ur at a school club party and the were making non fasting food and u wanted some. would it be wrong to just eat it and fast like and extra 3 days.

    God Bless
  • chiefofsinners, i don’t think that’s the right attitude to have when fasting. Fasting is all about making cannot keep pushing the limits and saying well im gonna do this now so that later i can do such and never know what tomorrow may everything God asks of you in the moment, never say im gonna do something tom because tom may never may never have the chance to make-up for the one day you broke your fast. In the end, its pointless...why break your fast over your inability to control yourself...and why break it because you want to enjoy the pleasures of life? i mean, its not like you cant live without eating that one non-fasting food...our focus should be on JC not on our personal wants and needs…i don’t think we should allow ourselves to break our fast for reasons like that. It just takes away the meaning of fasting...fasting is not about food at all. It shouldn’t matter what we eat, that’s why we limit the types of food we should eat, so we don’t have to think about them often. We try to live our lives in simplicity.
    Instead of saying, “I want to eat such and such, i CANT live without it,” you should be saying, “what foods CAN I live without…what foods don’t I need to be thinking about?” Remember, fasting is all about self-control and making sacrifices. When JC knew he had the chance to back away from making his ultimate sacrifice on the cross, he didn’t; he knew he had to do what needed to be done in the appropriate time…he never said im gonna delay my ministry so that I can enjoy life a while longer…he SACRIFICED…and so should we.
    This is what I feel, however, I think your FOC would be a better advisor on this issue. Take care, GB++
  • thanx youstina s

    when u put it that way it makes more sence. i really apriecate ur help

    God Bless
  • [quote author=sleepymusician link=board=1;threadid=1230;start=0#msg22561 date=1111684771]
    I'm telling you, we're sisters and we don't know it yet. We were seperated at birth. lol.


    LOL LOL gr8 stuff gal mayb we are ??? :P :PLOL

    absolutely correct youstina, good girl ;) :D
    the reason we fast is for self control and to try not do it, if u do it whats the point of fasting? people say o yer just this 1nce ill do it tommorow instead thats not right its either now or never like 1 time i got up to have breakfast and i had a bite and im like o no im supposed to soom el geta3i and i go ill do it tommorow then ma mum sed no its now or never just start again from tommorow :-\ :-[
    yer and everything else youstina sed

    GBU ALL PPLZ :) ;) :D ;D
  • hey all
    but sometimes don u feel that ur onli fastin by the abstenance (hope i spelt it right) of food. i dunno it might jus be me
  • anyone???
  • hay kiddo sori
    umm yes well the devil sometimes puts that in our minds like o we r onli doing it for the food and its no use and im hungry so might as well eat yar that happens alot
    as this is the GR8 LENT 1 of the most important pray to God and ask Him to not let u feel that and that u may get closer to God byy doing it and not just tradtion or whatever but whatever you do even if u feel it to tha xtreme max never giv up dont stop just keep goin if u stop then the devil has won over u

    GB ALL
  • thaxn habebti ;D
  • ur welcum hope i helped :) ;) :D ;D :-* :-*

    GB ALL
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