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I just uploaded about 12 files to the site, all of the files being from a Gregorian Liturgy by Father Mina Rizkalla. It took sometimes to upload it because when I set around 3 or 4 files to upload at a time, the first few would come out ok, but sumwhere along the lines, i get an error and i have to start the ones that weren't done over. I made sure i didn't exceed 100 MB in each upload though. Anyway, because of the many attempts to upload, you may have some files uploaded twice. But afterward, i was trying to send an email to [email protected] but i kept on getting the email rejected and sent back to me. Anyway, the names of the files are as follows:













If there is another email that i should have emailed this to, please let me know it and i'm sorry for the inconvenience if any of the files were uploaded twice. Thanks


  • You should e-mail [email protected] after uploading new material.

    Thanks for the upload but we already have this liturgy online @ http://tasbeha.org/mp3/Divine_Liturgies/Father Mina Ibrahim - Liturgy of St. Gregory.html
  • oh, the email that i was given was [email protected] I'll be sure to change it. Thanks. (Sorry about the Gregorian Liturgy)
  • [coptic]<rictoc Anecty[/coptic]

    I uploaded 6 more files to the server and i sent an email to [email protected], and i'm still getting an email back telling me that this isn't a valid email address. Was the email address changed?

    I also tried sending an email by going to the feedback tab, but when i pressed send, it gave me an error message saying that the email has not been sent because i'm sending from an unauthorized domain.

    anyway, they are 6 files for Cantor Ibrahim Ayad with the 3rd Hour Litanies said on Pentacost, and the 6th and 9th Hour Litanies said on Good Friday.

    The names of the files are :

    -"1. 6th Hour Litanies Coptic.mp3"
    -"2. 6th hour litanies arabic.mp3"
    -"3. 9th Hours Litanies Coptic.mp3"
    -"4. 9th Hour Litanies Arabic.mp3"
    -"5. 3rd Hour Litanies Coptic.mp3"
    -"6. 3rd Hour Litanies Arabic.mp3"

    I hope these work and are useful. Remember me in your prayers.

    In Christ

    [coptic]Aly;oc Anecty[/coptic]

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