Confession (part 2)

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hi everyone it's me again

i just want to thank u all for all ur help
today i went to confession and told my father of confession everything on my mind and he was proud of me, because i confessed. anyway i just wanted to say thanx

God Bless


  • yay!!!!!!!!!!!! and more importantly, God is EXTREMELY proud of you!!!
  • i hope he is because those were some bad sins
  • good job!..and no problem its a good thing there were people here to help u out!
  • That's awesome! Keep it up kid. ;D
  • Good for you... the best thing you did was overlook ur faults and remember that Abouna's your spiritual counsellor...he's expecting you to make happy for you! Take Care, GB++
  • hi

    hey don't worry about abouna. he won't mind
    good luck

    God Bless
  • ;) :) ;) :D ;D YAY YAY congratulations.
    u shood thank God alot and not to mention He is sooooo proud of ya as sum1 sed earlier dont 4get to do 1 more thing now DONT STOP THANKING GOD 4 THAT BECOZ U MITE NOT NO BUT HE HAS BLESSED ur life sooooo much keep it up kiddo

    pray 4 me
    FROG :) ;) :D ;D :-*

  • Good 4 u !!!!!! Amen!!!

    I guess just for today since ur sins are forgiven, u may need to change ur nickname .... ;)?
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