Please Pray for my family [VERY IMPORTANT]

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Hello my brethren/sisters in Christ.

1. I would like to thank all of you who prayed for my dad in the time he was in the hospital and has surgery (And thank god he is healthy now).
2. Please, please, please pray for my brother now has suicidal thoughts and several major arguments with my family now, problems at work, doesn't even attend church ever, far from God (But says he's christian), problems with school, is at home a majority of his time online and talking with is "friends" and doing other stuff, and lastly has psychological problems (He says he has insomnia.)
3. Please pray for my family, because my parents have a lot of stress + my brothers situation, and please pray for my dad's store.

Thank you everyone who prays for my family, and please do not forget us in your prayers.


  • Develop a friendship with one of the saints and they will never leave you. God be with you and your family.

  • Prayers of the Virgin be with you all.

  • I pray for your brother Abanoub 737, may God help your family to come close together, fight the sin of selfish thoughts and heal their minds through Jesus Christ's compassion.
  • may God give u peace and wisdom to know when to hang out with your brother and when to give him a break.
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