what's ur favorite spiritual books?

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My beloved sisters & brothers in Christ
which books u have read and it really had made a change in ur spiritual life or it helps u grow spiritual and u want to keep it and read over and over.

So Ur Turn now ;)


  • the BIIIBBBLEEEEEEEEEEEE.....no other spiritual book to compare with ;D definitely ALL u need to know is in there. ;)
  • I agree, the Bible's the greatest :) The book "Reflections on the Life of Christ" is a pretty good book although I haven't finished it. It speaks of all the tribes at first and gives a great amount of reasons why Christ came down and why that period in time and it's a really good book. I believe there's a book called "The Good Human Being" by HH Pope Shenouda. I read a part of it and it was amazing. There's many other books I haven't read but heard were good. God bless.
  • one of my favorite book that i have read "The purpose driven life " it's really nice ..... ;)
  • The Way of The Pilgrim is an AWESOME book, all about continuous prayer of the heart.
    i recommend for all to read it, its really great!!

    That's all i've got for now :)

    take care and God bless!

  • do you guys pick these up from normal bookstores? or churches? or where?
  • Actually, a while back I was on the Barnes and Nobles site and there was a few Coptic Orthodox books to my surprise. Most churches have book stores so that's the main source. God bless.
  • cause now u got me all interested in reading a book like that aside from the bible, it seems like it's a good way to reinforce what we read in the bible, like things to think about or ways we should act towards certain situations etc etc...
  • Life on the Edge by Doctor James Dobson... or any Josh Harris Book... such as "More than a Carpenter" and "I kissed dating goodbye"...they're entertaining and beneficiall.... I RECOMMEND EM! ...p.s. the way of the pilgrim is TOPS too...its by a Russian Orthodox Monk...real good!
  • I kissed dating goodbye"...they're entertaining and beneficiall

    Do you ever listen to any Rebecca St. James music CD'S? She's a good friend of Josh Harris and helped him with his book"I kissed dating goodbye". :)
  • .. umm naa i havent heard of her... but if thats a recommendation J, then ill check her out ;)
  • :D ;D :) ;) :D ;Dhello
    yar purpose driven is good cool stuff in it but it took me a while to read lyk i finish boox in round 2 weeks lol this took a month nd a half LOL neway yer i reed loads of boox farout umm salvation bu HH Pope Shenouda, so many years with the problems of people by HH Pope Shenouda umm how to benefit from the Holy Liturgy by Bishop Moussa , life nd miracles of St abdel messieh el manahrii, st Marys modern miracles, loads of other books ill post em l8a

    rabena ma3akom pplz
    luv yas all GBU :) ;) :D ;D :-*
    pray 4 me FROG

    +if u meet sum1 and u forget... youve lost nuthing
    but if u meet JESUS and u forget... uve lost everything :) ;) :D ;D :-*+
  • Two of my FAVORITE books:

    Paradise of the fathers
    The release of the spirit by H.H. Pope Shenouda.

    For those of you who never heard of the first, it is the collection of wisdom thru stories about the Coptic church fathers, thier lives, their sayings, etc...

    Second book is better read in Arabic, they didn't do it justice in translation.

    There are many others, but those my my favorite
  • One of the books that I've read that I really liked was "Islam Unveiled". I thought it was really informative.

  • yeah that book is cool sleepy lol
    my favorite is probably "The release of the Spirit" by HH, that book is just amazing (it's even been translated into dutch :o, imagine that lol)
  • .. umm naa i havent heard of her... but if thats a recommendation J, then ill check her out

    Yes,I highly recommend her music.I forgot to mention she has several books for girls and women.They say it's pretty good stuff...lol...She's famous{besides her music of course}for her message of sexual purity.Of keeping your body pure,saving yourself for marriage.She practices what she preaches.She's originally from Australia....a very godly christian woman....If only I could marry her...lol...oh well... ;D...just kidding.

    Seriously, if your interested she has a website at RSJAMES.COM.You can find sample clips of her music and other good stuff. :)

    One of the books that I've read that I really liked was "Islam Unveiled".

    That is a great book! The best I've ever read on the subject of Islam. :)

  • hey guys! im back.. wow i havent posted in a looonnnggg time... well anyway my fav. spiritual book is deffinately "in thy presence" it wasnt written by a father of our church or the pope but rather by a great spiritual author : Lev Gillet. This man is amazing and everybody has got to read that book... remember the name : "in thy presence" ....ask around and your bound to find a sunday school teacher who can get you a copy

  • When you read the book "Spiritual Means" by his holiness the pope and understand it, you get a lot out of it. Just wanted to share. ;)

  • does anyone read a book that relate to Great Lent
    how to benefit from it or what the goal of Great Lent
    a book especially for Great Lent
  • 'I Dared to Call Him Father' by Bilquis Sheikh.
  • yer i wanna reed those kinds of books im reely interested also the book comparative theology im gonna reed i think its very good and beneficial by HH i think im pretty sure yes

    r there any more boox u advise coz i wanna keep reeding good and interesting stuff
  • heya guys
    i read like a book in like less than 2 hours it was that good
    its called against the tides in the middle east its sooooo good its not funny its reely good its about this guy mustafa that was a muslim and how he converted its very good

    GB ALL
  • read: how i saw the light- mad book, an its realli small
  • koolnes the smaller the better is it at chuch??
    if so show me along wit the other 1 u were supposed to show me ages ago

    GB ALL
  • my favourite book, second to the Bilbe, is the Confession of St. Augustine. I strongly reccomend it, you can learn alot from his word, and its only 5 BUCKS :o
  • LOL LOL thats the thing gypos look at the money farout get a life

    GB ALL
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