need guidness

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My beloved sisters & brothers in Christ
a spiritual books from our church the coptic orthodox church
does anyone knows a website that i can download a spiritual books from it


  • Hi,

    Generally speaking, when you go to a khalwa, you want to commune with God. You tune out the noise of the world so that God's voice can be clearer. You pray and pray and pray and you sit still and wait to hear "God's still voice". And even if you don't hear him, you can rest assured that God heard you.

    It is a beautiful way to come closer to god.

    Hope that helps!

  • ;)hello :) ;) :D ;D
    im sorri im lost whats a khalwa i dun even no how u pronounce dat nd ml i didnt quite get wat u ment (very very slow plz forgive me) never herd that werd in ma lyf lol

    rabena ma3akom
    GBU ALL :) ;) :D ;D :-*
    pray 4 me

    +IN JESUS everything is possible dont b afraid! and u will c that the Lord will do 2 save u 2day the LORD will fight 4 u and there is no need 4 ya 2 to anything :) ;) :D ;D :-*+
  • khelwa is retreat... and the best book that talks about it is the paradise of the spirit...

    <<<<<<<<<<more info. to come... aobut the book>>>>>>>>>
  • I believe this is the book that you are talking about. It discusses spiritual readings and retreat.

    In Christ,
  • Hi bentelkenesia:

    geobish posted to you the web site in English

    The names of the books are:

    The Release of the Spirit by H.H Pope Shenouda III
    Paradise of the Spirit by H G Bishop Yoannis
    God bless you.
  • Do you still want some websites? if you know some do you want more?
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