Disturbes during prayer

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I usually pray around 9 pm when I'm not sleepy, but the problem is my family is usually not asleep by then so sometimes they'll interrupt me and walk into my room when I stop praying and pretend I was doing something else and it gets awkward... like today my parents came in the basement when I was in the middle of praying and it took me like 5 min to casually go upstairs with my agpeya and finish praying there.

What would you do in my case? I don't like migrating rooms :(


  • Same problem here, I am glad you are asking this question sodr. I would also really like to know how to deal with this. This problem has caused me to stop praying some of the hours of the agpeya because of these akward situations.
  • Why not tell your parents not to disturb you while you pray? At least I guess you have Coptic parents who also know the Agpeya.

    Father Peter
  • I know where you are coming from, sodr.

    You have two options: 1) Do as Fr. Peter suggests and confront your parents, or 2) Find somewhere else to pray (i.e. church, the park, etc.) I recommend the former because I have tried the latter and it didn't really work out well.

    You have to get over this awkwardness. You might not want to show yourself being "spiritual" but you need to pray, just do it humbly. Tell your parents that during a certain time of the day you would like to remain undisturbed, unless it's an emergency.
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