Hymn Lessons by Cantor Gad

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I am wondering what do people think of the hymns lessons by Cantor Gad Lewis available on tasbeha.org?

Are they easy to follow?
Do you like them?


  • well i think that its much easier to learn alhan when sitting with a person and having that person repeat it over and over, and thats pretty much what cantor Gad is doing. I've been trying to learn the [coptic]Kurie `eleycon[/coptic] from Cantor Ibrahim Ayad for a very long time, and it was very difficult for me, but i heard it a few times from Cantor Gad and it helped. So i think its just easier when the alhan are given in the form of a lesson rather then just the lahn.
  • Gerges these lessons are excellent. I would love to listen to more if you have any... Thanks a lot
  • I have to admit that the last lesson added for [coptic]`N;wten De[/coptic] is REALLLY good, but i'm also wondering if you guys have a lesson for [coptic]Nirwmi[/coptic] also.
  • Paulh, where can I find a recording of the class for [coptic]Kurie `eleycon [/coptic] from Cantor Ibrahim Ayad.

    George Mekhaiel
  • Ibrahim doesn't have lessons for it, [at least not that i know of], but he has the recording in that link below if thats what your looking for.

    http://tasbeha.org/mp3/Hymns/Fasts/Great_Lent/Ibrahim_Ayad/Great Lent - Weekday Matins.html

    i hope this helps.
  • i think these lessons are great too, man i it's sooo much easier to learn, thnx a lot and keep it coming ;)
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