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Hello everyone,

I was wondering why we hiten ni evshi in the greeting hiten for the pope after ekesmaroot and hiten no evshi in the normal hitenis?

Does that mean that if I want to combine the hiten for the pope and the metropolitan or bishops in the normal hiten, I would say "Hiten ni evshi" instead of "hiten no evshi" since in the greeting hiten, we say "hiten ni evshi" and combine the name of the pope and the name(s) of the bishop or bishops attending?


  • I am not sure the answer to your question but I believe that in the 'hitens' after taishori, for the bishops we say - "Through their prayers, keep the life. . ." ('their'refers to the saints, etc.)

    Not really sure if that is relevant, just throwing it out there.
  • As a follow-up to U1, when the pope +/- bishop(s)/metropolitan(s), are present, the hiteni is asking for their prayers (because they are present).  This is usually part of the processional into the church; in essence, the greeting and salutation of the arriving episcopate.

    In the petitional prayers after Taishori, it is to ask for the safety of the given episcopal hierarchs.
  • Hiteni evshee (or Hidani awka) means through the prayers

    Hitoo evshi (or hidano awka) means through their prayers (referring to the prayers of the saints we just mentioned)
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