Original Sin

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It has come to my attention that far to many people within the orthodox church think that we, the orthodox church, believe in the concept of original sin. I would like for this to be cleared up here and now. There is actually NO ONE in my entire church, save myself, that knows that we in fact do NOT believe in original sin and that this is a catholic doctrine. EVEN our priests teach original inherited sin. I have decided to give a lecture at my church about this issue, but I need as MANY sources as I can to convince them this is NOT an orthodox doctrine. Please, everyone who knows about this topic give me as MANY early church father quotes on original sin, and how we dont believe we inherit the sin of Adam but rather his fallen nature.

This raises another question, those who believe in original sin believe that the purpose of baptism is to wash away this original sin (certain priests in our church are also teaching this)... I need an answer from th early church fathers on what EXACTLY is the purpose of baptism, and why Christ made it necessary for salvation.

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  • You do not need the Church Fathers. What you need is to have them read the liturgy of baptism and the prayers for the Sacrament of Chrismation. There is no single mention of the original sin.

    We believe in the inheritance of the fallen nature that is renewed through baptism.
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