when ur lost????

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When u guys feel lost what do u guys do beside praying?


  • Well praying is the greatest thing since Christ will definitely lead you to the light..next best thing is reading the bible or going to the liturgy which I guess can be considered the same thing as praying. God bless.
  • I look for the way.... who is the way? JESUS... I search him... talk to him... and know him...
  • To be honest when i'm lost i either pray to God talk to my Mama or Call one of my best friends...Talking to God is prally what i'd do right away...do whatever I feel comfortable with i guess.
  • talking to our Lord is one of the best ways to try to get on the right path, and ensure you stay there.
    we're told in Proverbs 3:6 "In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths."
    so basically it's saying that we should recognize His existance, and power, and authority, and such, and He will be there to take care of our lives.

    besides prayer, reading the Bible is a good way to prevent from feeling lost. in prayer, you talk to Him, in Bible reading, He talks to you. either way there's communication going on, and that's the most important thing when trying to help yourself.

    also, attending things like tasbeha (which i totally love!!), sermons given by priests/bishops, the mass, etc, can help you out.

    i personally find sermons by bishops a big help, because they usually tell me somthing i sort of know in a totally different way/perspective, which makes me think about it, and in turn, gets my actions going. the knowledge attained from such sermons is usually there for a loooongggg time.

    and of course, participating in the sacraments such as communion and confession- very important, as we all know :)

    also, talking to your FOC can be a big help... so be sure to tell him what's on your mind! if you dont want to talk to ur FOC, you can find another priest or servant that you know can give good advice!

    all in all, make sure you "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"- James 4:8

    take the first step, He'll take the next 20! :)

    take care and God bless
  • when i am lost, i usually look for a map u know, so i can find the right road that leads me on the right path!, i think that map is the bible, it tells me what i need to do to get back on track!

  • when i'm lost i ask many wise people...and think what would jesus do ;D
  • When I’m lost ......I know that the only way I can get out of the darkness that I'm in is to reach the True Light....the only way that I can reach and see the True Light, the Light of the world..is to walk in His light.....walking in His light means that I must follow the path that will lead me to Him, I must be worthy of the calling of Christ and must walk just as He walked.

    If I’m lost I try to remind myself that, God came for the sinners, and He came to search for those who are lost, so its not too late to repent, He came for the lost sheep, to search for them and bring them back to Him.

    If I’m lost I know that there is still hope, because even though I may have forgotten about God sometimes, He never forgets about us, and He will never ever forsake us. And even though, I might be in darkness, yet His light is still shining, but I cant see Him clearly because Im far away, but I know that He is waiting there for me to come to Him.
  • hay guys :D
    AMEN to wat princessmary and crazycopt said :) ;) :D ;D
    well wat i think as crazycopt sed FOC, PRAY, Bible, Sacraments especially tasbeha yes all of them very very important well wat i also do is listne to hymns once i was soo lost im serious didnt no wat to do them i put on a hymn and God just opened my eyes because wen i used to sing it/ listen to it i didnt realise that the words i was saying/listening to was that and it helped me in my solution and really comforted me umm also if u cant get urself to read tha Bible im gonna b tha first 1 to say it i sumtimes dun read it i go for coptic orthodox boox it has lotsa wisdom in it also sermons as sum1 sed earlier

    neways God Bless u and may he help u and guide u in your lost tymes
    i luv ya all :) ;) :D ;D :-*

    +come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and i will give u rest :) ;) :D ;D+
  • i meditate, im a total freeck about meditating.

    ok its like yoga and a massage in ur brain!

    it s like pressing file delete history in ur brain

    that way u can put things into perspective....

    heres a cool story about putting things into perspective:

    ok so theres a professor and he comes into class, places a jar on his desk.
    then he fills it w golf balls till the tippy top right?
    than he goes "is the jar full?" every1 agrees its full. Then he puts marbles and it fills the spaces, then he asks again if its full, and the class says it is. then he puts Sand in it and that fills the space inbetween, he asks and the answer its full. Finaly when it looks like its ganna spew with things in there, he pures his coffe in it ans says:

    golf balls= family,friends. god
    marbles= life love happiness
    sand= the little things in life

    and he says that if u put them in the order that the little things come first in life, there wont be any room for the things that matter ( the golf balls)

    then a student asks what tasbeha folks are asking me right now (what about the coffe, r u ignorant, u forgot the coffe!)

    so he says that"coffe represents that no matter HOW full ur life may seem, theres always time for a cup of coffe w a friend!

    thanks 4 reading my epic!
  • aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww thats soooo cool awad thanx for sharing that bro that so cool

    (total freek bout meditating) lol yep we can c that nar jkz

    lotz of good advise guys coz im always lost lol
    rabena ma3akom
    GBU ALL I LUV USE :) ;) :D ;D :-*
    pray 4 me plz

    +there is no fear Jesus is near :) ;) :D ;D :-* hehe+
  • guys ur responses r amazing
    may god continue 2 bless ur life
  • In all honesty the first thing on ur listshould be prayer and it should be from 1-1000000000000000 then all things come after that. Prayer should the 1st refrence with God not the last resort.
  • that is very very true psalmist ;)

    GB ALL
  • agree 100%
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