For in sin my mother conceived me.

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Hi everyone, I had a question concerning this verse... many people think we the orthodox church believe in the doctrine of original sin, although we don't, it is a catholic doctrine that has leaked into the congregation of the orthodox church. However, this verse is a little confusing to me. What exactly was meant here by "in sin my mother conceived me". WHat do the early fathers have to say about this?


  • The first thing I can say off the bat is that in the Septugint the word here used which is translated as sin is 'amartias' which means 'sins' plural not 'sin' singular.  This mistranslation is commonly found in Bible by people who want to push the idea of an original sin which is biologically transferred from parents to children.  I do believe that neither the scriptures nor the fathers support this idea.
  • The word "Sin", in English, can be either singular or plural in concept.
  • The sin here refers to the fallen nature that we are born with.
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