Hey I'm New

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Ah hello everyone, I'm Dave, 14yrs old and live in Jersey. I just joined the forums after a friend of mine refered me here. I enjoyed reading the other topics, and I hope to be a good addition to the group.


  • :)

    Welcome! Im sure you'll be a great addition to the group!
  • Welcome to a great site...I am sure u will enjoy it :)
  • welcome to this addictive site of coptic nature!!
  • Hey,

    i'm new here too, and i must say...this site is the best. if you're looking to feed your mind with the necessary religious feed it needs, this is the site to get it!

    btw, answer some of my topics, i'd like to hear ur point of view!
  • wow welcome i hope u enjoy it here :) the topics are really good to talk about
  • welcome!!
    i'm sure you'll love it here, its an awesome community with awesome ppl! :D

    looking forward to reading your posts and sharing your knowledge!

    take care and God bless
  • hey dave welcome to the site
    im new here too.. and I TRULY LOVE IT!!

    **Smile-God Loves You** :)
  • Welcome, and enjoy.
  • Welcome CopticDave. This site its really nice :) i love it too .

  • Welcom! i can finally say it , i was having thecincal difficulties earlier it sucks sharing a computer when both its users are site members complications man! but anyways... welcom ur gunna love it here i sure do!

  • ;D :) ;) :D ;Dhaaaaaaaaay
    hay guys how r ya all? well its gr8 to hav more people coming on this site its good and very beneficial copticservant said and also with u guys im sure ppl will benefit from ur spiritual words also u from fellow sis. and bros on dis site

    hope u lyk it :) ;) :D
    pray 4 me as i will pray 4 all use :) ;) :D ;D
    i luv use all :-*

    +Gods way is the best way :) ;) :D ;D+
  • Hello Everyone!!!
    Welcome to the site... yea it's kinda weird welcoming someone to the site when i'm still new myself... O WELL!
    Welcome! {I said that already, didn't I?} I look forward to reading your posts.

  • Welcome CopticDave!!
  • Welcome Dave!!

    Great to have you on board!! :D

  • Welcome and don't forget to check out the hymns.
    (TASBEHA.Org)the name speaks for itself. :)
  • I think all "I am new" threads are funny, it reminds me of a rehabilitation centers...lol... hello, my name is Bishoy, I am new to tasbeha.org... all respond... hi bishoy... lol... sorry, just a thought that comes to mind, ever time I see these threads... lol
  • lol hi beshoy welcom to the site hope u would be a good addition LOL ;D ;D ;D lol
  • btw welkum coptic dave ! ;D
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