Wednesday/Friday Fast

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Hello everyone,

I heard H.H. Pope Shenouda III stated that we should not eat any fish on Wednesday or Friday even if they are during a fast that allows fish (e.g. Nativity or Apostle's fast). Is this true or is this one of those things that someone just thought of and decided to put the pope's name behind his ideas?


  • No its a rule. Priests observe it, so who are we to argue.
  • [quote author=Marenhos Epchois link=topic=11693.msg140131#msg140131 date=1308801251]
    No its a rule. Priests observe it, so who are we to argue.

    I'm not arguing; I'm merely asking to make sure!
  • oh lol i didnt mean u were arguing lol... i meant for myself. like i just take it for what it is and i try not to argue  ;D sorry i didnt mean to say u were arguing
  • It is correct.

    No fish wed/fri.
  • When was this rule made, because I just started hearing about this.
  • The original fast as practiced by the holy apostles, and as stated in the OT, was not to eat any type of meet during fasting, including fish meat.

    However, because of leniency, the Church permitted fish during all fasts except Great Lent, Fridays and Wednesdays.
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