Youth activities???

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I belong to a large group of youth group in my church. Our ages between 16-25 years old.
We r facing a little situation between our group for the longest time we have been ignoring or not participating in church activities.
We are slighting away from church bet by bet; abouna has tried a lot to get us back on track, going to church, attending to liturgy and many things. But for some reason we r not responding back.
Things get very old to us very quick we don’t see them interesting enough. And I would like to ask all of u of idea's or activities that we could do all together in church that is fun and beneficial to us and to make us more churchly active.
   Thank you and May god bless u all ;)


  • hey Mary.. i get wut ur saying.. its very true.. i mean it's sad but true.. well here in Cali alot of churches have a weekly meeting for the youth and the one i go to is on fridays and i absolutly love it.. i mean really love it.. well if u ask me wut i love about it i'd say well i get to spend time with my friends.. and i benifit from it too.. i mean one of our youth is abt 25 years old and he gives us lil talks.. and to be honest he's awesome.. and in my apinion and everyone else's he's not boring like sum of the sunday school teachers.. i mean wut also helps is that he is one of us.. like close to our age.. and we also do tasbeha too.. like after we hang out a bit.. and we sumtyms.. like once a month.. we go out and do stuff.. like we were suposed to go bowling once but it didn't work out.. but ya thats not my point my point is u kno like it shud be fun like every once in a while.. u kno??.. its like just going out w/ friends.. so ya.. i enjoy it A LOT... i sudgest u try that at ur church... GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! :-*

  • ;) :D :Dhay mary k :)
    rina_07 is ABSOLUTELY RITE we hav that to its called youth meeting. just 1 question mary if u dont mind but do u want to do things in church? i think organise a youth meeting
    if sum1 cant u b in charge of it involve urself in church stuff lyk encourage dem to attend the Holy mass and umm do u hav monasterys from wherever u r if so go there regularly and hav camps
    got any nunnerys or sumthing hav a retreat wit them umm if u guys hav spare tym hang out at chuch do stuff with chuch supervision so they feel thats its good nd go more often also the mos thing i enjoy is tasbeha i luv that encourage to go to that surely they will luv it coz ino i do and all ma frends do of all ages umm yer

    :) ;) :D ;D :-*
  • ahhh! The youth meeting, our youth meeting is on fridays too, i love it! :) we have this servent named ragie and he tries to make it intresting, and funny every week so we are not deathly bored! and we sing songs , its fun, and spiritual, i dunno about your church but our church is really involved with youth, i know that we ahve a christmas to trip to ottowa and montreal, and sometimes rochester NY, we have trips to Maskoka its a place here, like camp its fun, and spiritual, and our church always has retreats for girls and guys, and then we have a club, after the youth meeting you hang out there and play table tennis, or pool or whatever! :) its great! you could also start a choir or something. At ourch church the youth meetins are split grd 9-12 and then university meeting, at the university meeting they did something really interesting to bring people, but i am not sure what it was, how bout u try a play or something, make it ebtertaining yet spiritual! that will draw attention! i thank ragie for writing all the plays...he is funny!!! :) anyways thats my little thing!

  • Hey Rina thanx :) but we already have a youth group meeting and we have the best servant :) he is really nice. But WE HAVE SHORT ACTIVITIES :( and that’s the problem. And plus the majority of us r guys and its kind of hard b/c they play soccer all the time. Our church doesn’t organize trips, but it’s good idea about tasbeha we don’t do it so we should but there is a problem with the guys how we should make them go since they play soccer. We hang out a lot all of us and we really enjoy it. :( If u have any ideas please reply back rina and tell me :)
    FULLY RELY ON GOD - yeah I want to do it in church, we usually go out and have fun so now its time for church and that’s why I wanted some idea's do it in church. And so far we attend to Holy mass and everything but we don’t have a lot of activities.
    SaviourOfMySoul -so far I will tell them about to do tasbeha and stuff, we usually stay in church and we really enjoy it their b/c we do a lot of things for fun. Thanx u guys please pray for our church :)
  • u kno wut Mary thats great that u have a youth meeting but a lil advise make the activities a lil longer like last week i got home at one o'clock in the morning.. it was soooooooooo much fun.. and soccer is awesome.. and tell u wut ok like maybe u guys shud go to like the park or sumthing u kno let the guys do they're own thing and u girls can maybe sign spritual songs talk or if u guys have a lil grass area at ur church that wud be awesomer.. our guys love football.. lol.. believe me they play in the middle of the night.. i mean in the dark.. lol.. they also play basketball but sense we don't have a court they go to the park after the litergy..
    its also practice for them sense they compete against other churches.. i'm gonna go watch them play when they r going.. and they're gonna play at the beach so its gonna be GREAT.... ;) :-*... GOOD LUCK SWEETIE... :-*

  • hay mary
    lol saviour of my soul omg u do the xact same stuff we do i woodnt b surprised if u actually cam to ma chuch XACT things lol how cool

    yes mary i will pray 4 u ur fwends and of coarse our mother which is ur church and all of them lol :) ;) :D ;D

    LUV U AL :) ;) :D ;D

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