Please help me, I'm very depressed & don't know what to do

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Hi Everyone,

I really want to share my story with you. I feel extremely depressed, I have lots of problems in my life, I have no friends, & my parents are always fighting at home, my dad hates my mum & thinks that she steals money from him & gives to her family in Egypt. My mum is a great woman, & she did so much for our family, but my dad is always the problem. I’m actually getting married soon, but whenever I look at my parents, I feel that marriage is a terrible thing. I love my fiancé so much & I wish to get married to her & live with her for the rest of my life. But again, the depressive thoughts always attack me.  I really don’t know what to do; I feel like there is no hope because I have been going thru these problems for a really long time. Does marriage always fail? Does marriage always have fights, crying, doubts, swearing, & all these bad things? What can I do to ensure that my marriage is not going to follow the same path as my parents marriage? I started hating marriage, I don’t want to have kids that will suffer & will see what I have seen from my parents.  I went to a psychiatric 3 times, but again it didn’t help much. I used to be a person that loves life & always smiling, but now I honestly can’t remember the last time I smiled. I feel that there is no hope…………………….. please help me.


  • anyone? please
  • Life is like marriage; you get out what you put in. No, not all marriages end up becoming like that; though there are a great number of marriages that do. Marriage is a very tricky subject; but all I can tell you is to pray, and God will let you know if you are doing the right thing.

    Marriage can be great, so long as both parties are committed to making it such; it really depends on how you handle it. Sure, there are going to be fights there and here, but remember your love for each other and for God, and nothing should be too bad for you to handle.

    Don't be depressed man; one of the happiest days of your life is coming soon. It'll be water under the bridge, trust me =]
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