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Does anyone know where Asomen is on the Church PowerPoint Screens?

I thought I remember it being on there last year, but I couldn't find it anywhere today.


  • I think its Communion Songs- Apostles fast on the Annual Menu and on Pentecostal- Communion Songs-Pentecost. I am not 100% positive though
  • That's what I thought too, but it's not there.

    Was anyone able to pull it up today?
  • on Pentecostal > Communion Songs > Pentecost > scroll through psalm 150 all the way to the end and then scroll one more and tadaaa
  • After Psalm 150 is a list of Arabic madeehas, not Asomen. I think the Presentation version my church uses is different than yours.

    It's alright though, a tasbeha member sent me a helpful powerpoint.  ;)

    Thank you! :)

  • Since we are talking about the Presentaiton Menu, can someone from either Bergen or Westside please change the background of the Sagda? It was really difficult to read it yesterday and a few deacons were angry.
  • The person you want to be yelling at is Minatasgeel ;)

    I personally think it would be hard to read if the font was black (with the red background), but it wasn't.
  • i like that's actually harder to read on a screen with plain black......
  • [quote author=minatasgeel link=topic=11597.msg139422#msg139422 date=1308020884]
    i like that's actually harder to read on a screen with plain black......

    Well Abouna Mikhail's eyes had a hard time reading and same with everyone else. I think its just awkward because we are used to reading the white/blue on black instead of a faint red on red. But please consider this. Many people did not like it on a monitor or projector.
  • Blue/yellow or black/white are technically the best combinations.

    There are people who are color blind (different grades/shades/levels) that have difficulty picking up reds and greens.

    There are a good number of males (whether they realize it or not) have a degree of color blindness.
    This is the main reason to change the reds.
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