God's presence????

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How can we stay focused on God's presence, especially when he feels distant?


  • Reflect on His promises and think of all the times He has been there for you ... read uplifting Bible passages...and one that worx really good for me is CONFESSSION...seriously the grace acquired frum confession is soooooooo under-rated!! Seriously when you repent n confess and here abouna read the 7el (absolution) for you ...just concentrate on his words if he does it audibly...n when its in arabic man...its even more powerful lol...

    P.S. question: do all abouna's read on standard absolution...n if so, is there a copy of it sumwhere!?
  • I agree with copt4life. Remember all the blessings you've recieved not only throughout your entire life but just in the 5 minutes that you felt God was distant. Remember, he never leaves you so the only reason he would be distant is if you leave him.
  • Copt4Life - I think they all read the same thing but they say the people names, and I don't believe there is a copy out there.
    I know the confession is very helpful and everything but it seems sometimes I feel he's not around as how I want him.
    and I agree with u that when I feel that iam leaving him he leaves but to get him back it feels so hard.
    Thanx 4 replying :)
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