my lord jesus christ

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i learned something through my sins through my anger and that is one thing we all should be proud for the bad and good in our lifes cause our lord jesus died 4 us so how bad can life really be?

i will give you an example the other day i could not find my gym gloves so i got mad now i say to myself dude they are just gloves

where is my apprication to my lord jesus christ? i stress over gloves but never think to cherish him and worship him forgive me lord for i am worthless without you forgive me for forgetting you

you always knock on my door always no matter how much i hurt you


  • Amen man! In this world, however, its sooo easy to forget that we are actually worth nothing, and that we should be thankful regardless of what happens! Instead, we are often pride and believe we deserve the best, we become temperamental; all these things. We must let it go. Strong faith is true happiness!
    Pray for me!
  • liftmy heart you are right the bad is good and the good is good all good is from christ no matter how bad our human nature may think it is

    this includes martiel problems relationship problems family problems you know why> cause if we pray for to him and pray for our salvation and pray for each other where can we go wrong?

    trial and trabulations make us stronger through friendship relationships marriage everything

    he gives us gifts and we must cherish it through the good and bad but the bad is good because if you lose a person for example in you life you will regret it cause that person is from christ so he builds a stronger bond with the two for example
  • Some people never come to this realization and live miserably their whole lives. I am glad to see you have matured in our Lord :)

    Life becomes so care-free as a result! I was actually meditating on this as I was stressing for a final I was studying for yesterday. I was outside sitting on the 2nd floor of my university's cafeteria. As I stared in to the clouds my heart was racing. I then thought to myself - "So what if I fail this test? So what if I don't get that job? Is this what life is all about?. . ."

    Needless to say, I calmed down and refocused on what is important in life. Thank you for reminding me about what we should live for, namely, our Lord and Savior.
  • unworthy you are right we should only cherish what comes from him his gifts in the bible it does not command us to watch the nba finals but it commands we read the agpeya and cherish what we have the bible and prayer and the promise of ethernal salvation we must acknowledge him in front of man to be knowing in front of the father

    my lord jesus thank you for your gifts and thank you for the blessing you gave me today through prayers
  • I feel like it requires such a deep level of faith to truly see things this way. For me, I feel like I know that I should have this mindset, yet I do not feel it. And maybe it's the pride, because that has certainly been an issue for me.
  • All that is required is the faith the size of a mustard seed.
  • amen george same here you know why me persoanlly i am week and of no faith and am a sinner and yet sometimes i can care less to see this

    earthly things will coast me my salvation in heaven for they will say lord lord and he will say i never knew you
  • This is a wise lesson that you have learned, Bigeee. It is one that I am constantly re-learning. If you are faithful in small things every day, it will become a part of your character and will help you to become faithful in big things.
  • It's funny because with all of these trivial issues I keep managing to screw it up and wasting perfect opportunities, yet time and time again He has bailed me out of my mistakes.
  • he loves us so much we are  his kids no matter how much we do not listen he will be there no matter how much we screw up he will bail us out no matter what.

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