Precious Pearl

Does anyone know if the Precious Pearl by John Ibn Saba has been translated into English. I know there are a few fragments on the net in English but I am interested in the whole book.

Father Peter Farrington


  • To my knowledge it has not been.

  • There are 2 Arabic versions: Pretiosa Maragarita de scientiis ecclesiasticis by Vincentio Mistrih 1966 and La Perle precieuse by Jean Baptiste Perier 1973. The first is in Latin and the second is in French.

    There are 3-4 chapters on that are in English. There is no English version of the book. Maybe Link man can do his magic.
  • I have Jean Perier's Arabic edition with French translation. It is 1922 actually.

    I am hoping to produce a good English translation in due course.

    Father Peter Farrington
  • Sorry Remnkemi, this time Link man was disappointing (or may be this one doesn't exist online - not even offline).

    is this the book in Arabic after all?

    اللالى النفيسة الجزء الاول - الجزء الثانى
    المتنيح القمص يوحنا سلامة
    sorry.. it's not by St John Ibn Saba

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