great lent

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hey guys

believe it or not easter is cumin up soon wel like not soon soon but yea aniways i was wonderin u know wen we fast an stuf do u ever feel dat ur onli jus given up food or do u feel like a closer relationship wif god like wen a fast comes around i always jus think of givin up food so i need some advice on wat i can do
thanx heaps mazza


  • yeah, i have da same prob. it always feels like i fast just for the sake of it.
  • i know wat u mean like its so da same 4 me but i don know wat 2 do bout it i jus kinda u know don worri bout it which is wrong
  • I noe wa you mean. Usually all i think about is when imma finally be done and when imma be able to eat chocolat. I never really think about the spiritual side. I think wa we hafta do is go to church during lent more often so that it reminds us of why we are fasting.
    its hard!!
  • Fasting was dissicused in a previous thread on this site, that has alot of responces! but for the sake of time , i will tell you what i think! Fasting is spiritual, it has to be, the purpose of fasting is so that you can exert contorol over your body, so that you can exert control over your spiritual life and mind, it gives you the strentgth to say no the devil , just like u say no to chocolate. fasting, is not just giving up food, its also giving up the things that take you away from God, like bad habbits, and sins, and other things that build a wall between you and God! i hope that made some sense! :)

  • thanx saviourofmysoul
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