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Hi every1,

im back with a new topic...what is a dream? should we pay attention to them at all? It's not necessary to share a dream of yours, but try to show your point of view about dreams. What do they mean to you? Have you actually had a dream that you cared about what it meant?

Share your view!


  • :)

    I have alot of bad dreams,nightmares....and it means the Devil hates ;D

    Seriously,I wish I knew more about dreams.God can use them to speak to us but we must be very cautious,carefully{and}examining them to see if they be from God or not.We must also be careful in our interpretations. ;)
  • i think i dont dream at all ??? :-\
  • There is a small percentage of people that don’t dream... its okay, it means that you move too much when I could be wrong... dreams, not everyone can interpret them... as we can see Joseph could interpret dreams... While pharaoh couldn’t... so it not everyone's job to interpret them... or we will be like Sigmund Kidding... but I think the best advice I got was try to analyze them but don’t do it too much....
  • There is a small percentage of people that don’t dream...

    Everyone dreams but not everyone remember their dreams thou. All human beings dream
  • Marriane you are right, everyone dreams, you have too as a result of REM (rapid eye movement) or something along those lines, but your right every one dreams, but there are types of dreams that can be remembered and others that cant! lucid dreams, are dreams that are often remembered and are very vivid, and you feel as though they acctualy happend (dejavou..i think that how its spelt, is often a reperat from something you saw in your dreams, not a preminision, just something your subconsious immagined!) Dreams, can sometimes warn, and as jfranlin said we must be able to identify dreams that are sent from God and dreams that mean nothing. Dreams can also be the result of your enviornment! you subconsious mind registers much of what happens to you through out the day, even little details your counsiouse mind may not have picked up on, and often times those little details come up in dreams that you have!

    I also think that most people remember their dream because they wake up in the middle and the issue or the problem in the dream has not been resolved!

    i have heard so many things about dreams but thats all i can remember right now! and yes beshoy you are right, drema sare disturbed by lots of movment, but that can also be caused by stress! :)

  • The best dream i had was when Jesus was sitting on a chair in my house. He was very put together and calm and i definitely felt awkward to look at him because, its like looking at a king, it is looking at a king. My mom was just laying down on a couch as she usually does everyday, and the couch was right by him. um i was laying down on a couch too a little farther in the house. My dad and brother were sitting on another couch, and my sister was sitting on a sofabed at the end. Nothing was said. We were all kind of looking at each other. And then it came time to go to sleep and i looked at Him and i kind of bowed before i left because i didn't know what else to do. And then before i went to sleep i said to my mom "hey maybe st. Mary will come tomorrow". and that was it. I dreamt this a long time ago. I wish i knew what it meant.
  • [center]do you guys know that there are meanings to say u wearing a Black top, to a yellow.. there are symbols that help interpret a dream..
    some dreams happen because u have been thinkin of something along the same lines during the day, that might be of importance to you
    (i sat down n studied dreams coz i was really interested in them so im not talking from my rear) lol
    has anyone had a saint appear to them or tell them anything? ? ?
  • i have had many dreams, some are so weird. Like one time i dreamt that my ankle broke, didn't know what it ment until someone died a few days later. Also i dreamt that my tooth broke, the same night both my parents had a similar dream. My dad dreamt that his tooth was pulled, and my mom dreamt that her tooth was shipped and later broken in half. That night was crazy. The next day, a friend of my mom died, and 2 days later a family member died aswell.

    Aslo when i was younger round 8 or 9, i had trouble sleeping, so my mom would tell me to draw the cross and pray so i wouldn't be scared to sleep. little kids man lol. anyways, i did so one time, and i saw St. George on his horse telling me its okay, that he is watching me, then i saw jesus on his thrown sitting there in all his glory. Now i'm not sure if that was me making it up in my mind or if it really did happen. All I know is that i got a good night sleep. God Bless!!
  • Everyone dreams but not everyone remember their dreams thou. All human beings dream

    small comment, i forget my dream the second i have it! my cosin is slower in things than other kids her age (4 years old) and she didn't learn how to walk until just last year and before she walked i had a dream that she was running around and playing and walking and it was really cool! afew days later she was walking and running it was amazing. So i guess there are certain dreams you remember (like important ones) and some you forget (ones that mean nothing what so ever!, i think, maybe, i forgot! ;D)
  • dream are big in our church.
    God can send his messages through dreams.
    Saints appear in many dreams and help those who are dreming it.

    One time a friend of mine when he was young had hot coffe poured on him by accident and they went to the emergency room and the doctor said it's going to take a couple of months later to heal. That day my friend had a dream of pope kyrillos telling him everything will be ok and he woke up perfectly fine. they went back to the doctor and the doctor was so confused and he said it was a miracle.

    My mom also had multiple dreams that kindav came as prophesies form pope kyrillos. She had dreams from pope kyrillos about passing her imprtant exams and the next day she got the reports and it was true.

    Jacob saw the ladder from a dream
    and there are others i don't know (i need to brush up on my saint stories) that had dreams from god.

  • Dreams are important. Reason being that they are the door to the future.Pay attention to your dreams they are a foreshadowing of the future

    I have a great knowledge of the bible.If you have questions about the coptic faith i will be mor thatn happy to answer.

  • Dreams are a good thing but be careful because there are mnay different kinds of dreams... like nightmares or dreams that can get you into trouble. Try to remember to pray before you go to sleep so the devil is not able to fool you in any way.
    you sis in Christ, makook
  • to tell you the truth everyone i really do not remember a bad dream or a bad nightmare!!!!! :D
  • basketbell...u r really lucky ;D

    i think dreams are whatr u r thinking but sometimes its just weird........i one time had a dream that my dad had an evil twin, and he tried to kidnap me....yea i know its weird

    then i had a dream that i failed  a test--but i passed

    dreams are just an innterrpuation of what is on ur mind even though sometimes u dont think that they are

    hope i helped

  • i find dreams incredibyl fascinating! i read a lot about them before cuz i was interested in learning about them, but i forget everything, i think i'll read on them some more this summer. but,
    1) everyone dreams, you just might not remember
    2) dreams=basically your mind putting things together and reviewing your day while you're sleepingg

    i've never had a saint in my dreams, i usually have nightmares, or don't remember my dreams at all. the wierdest most recent one was: it was like midnight, my mom an di were up cleaning ad my brother and dad had just went to bed. Then i heard something on the door, so i told my mom to listen, so she did, and someone was scratcihng against the door, so we look through the little magic ey et thing or w/e and we see a little kid standing there by himself, and my mom wanted to open the door, but i said no cuz i saw a really big scary looking guy hiding behind the corner and i showed my mom through the thing, a few seconds later, we saw him looking through the window....and before we could go anywhere, he was uhh, breaking the window with a hammer. then i woke was quite disturbing and i couldn't sleep that night , haha, i still don't exactly know what it meant...
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