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Hi everyone.

I  have been told by many people that I am serving too much in the church (not too many services but too much time). I have SAT's in two weeks and I enjoy being in church and doing something.  I am not really sure how to word this but won't God help me/bless me because I am putting my time for him?


  • It's good that you're serving and dedicating much time to the church, don't let others discourage you, but there needs to be, for a lack of better words, a limit to some things, in some situations a balance. Bishop David visited our church during the pascha week and commented that he's glad to see so many youth, but he would prefer students to study rather to be in church all the time for if we hurt ourselves academically then we will be hurting our ability to do God's will in the future. Since you have SATs in the upcoming week, spend some more time preparing. Of course don't miss Sunday liturgy, but it may not hurt to miss a small weekday/end youth meeting. Once your SATs end then go back to your normal schedule.
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