pray for eritrea

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
for everyone in london to attend if they can please, and everyone else to pray:

On Thursday May 26th 2001 there is an international day of prayer for Eritrea.

Time: 3.30pm - 4.30pm
Location: Across the street from, and facing the Eritrean Embassy, 96 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PF.
Nearest tube: Angel.  Nearest train: Kings Cross and St. Pancras.

During our time together we will sing, pray and a letter will be presented to the Ambassador by representatives of the participating organisations.

In a country of about 4 million people, many thousands have ‘disappeared’ and Christians, especially, are punished for not agreeing to serve indefinately in the army, for revering God more than their dictator, or sometimes just for being found with a Bible. Bibles are not allowed during times of military service, and the army can increase people's military service for as long as they want, sometimes many years. The persecution is too terrible to summarise in just a few words.

The Eritrean Orthodox Church makes up the majoriy of the 47% Christians in the country. This is a sister church of the Coptic Orthodox Church (based in Egypt), and their patriarch, Abune Antonios, was illegally deposed and put under house arrest in early 2006. There are no reliable reports as to his health since 2007, as members of the church are not allowed to visit him, but he is elderly and suffers from diabetes.

Punishments of Christians from the protestant, orthodox and catholic churches include beating, incarceration in conditions of gross overcrowding and extremes of temperature (without reasonable access to food, water and sanitation) and many other shocking types of abuse. People have their food confiscated, leading to starvation, and are subject to forced labour and forced indefinite conscription in the army. Family members of prisoners are intimidated and beaten.

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  • God help them!
    Did you inform all Orthodox congregations.?!?
    For me is very important what did the Armenian church to help them?
    It is very important to send messages to all honest people in the world.
  • This is the punishment you get when you turn your back against your own people and run to your slave master. Even the word Eritrea is what their oppressors referred to them and that area. No offense but seriously, lets get real. I feel bad for the church indeed, but just had to speak my mind on the situation.
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