Regarding what is happening in Egypt

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Hi guys
i'm 14 and i am aware of all the attacks and martyrdom of all the
Coptic Christians in Egypt.
My Question is: that i know that God is looking over us and he has a plan for every one and that he chooses who to get martyred for a reason but is it wrong that i should feel a little scared about my family and friends in Egypt?


  • Well, it is natural, but Jesus taught us to always put our worries on Him and He will do what he says best.

    This may sound silly, but the way that i usually get rid of strong worries is, when i am in bed at night, i put my hands on my chest and act like i am lifting something very heavy, i then throw it into the air and lift up my hands and tell God, "May Your will be done not mine, you know what's best and now I put my worries on You."

    It sounds silly, but it honestly works and i feel a lot better.
  • Geomike, I'm trying that tonight.
  • Ok this is gonna sound blunt but we're all gonna die anyways right? And the world isn't necessarily becoming a better place as time goes on. I'm not trying to be a fatalist or anything but our Lord did say to us that we are blessed when people insult us, persecute us and falsely say all kinds of evil against us because of Him, and to rejoice and be glad, because great is our reward in heaven (read Matthew chapter 5). Also, I think martyrdom seems quite terrifying for us but God never gives us something we cannot handle. God only knows us inside and out. Many of those who were martyred in the past and recently as well have been people who were saints or saintly.

    It's only natural for you to feel a bit worried and scared for your family members back home. We all do. But Jesus also makes a really good point that we cannot change anything by worrying (Matthew 6:27). This fact alone has helped me a lot in many things. I'll be in the car driving and really late for an event and I'll remember that worrying will not get me there quicker for instance. The best thing we can do is advice them to be safe and to pray for their safety and well being. In the end, God has His plan for all us and if we accept it, we have nothing to worry about.
  • yes. as we get closer to God (Bible study, prayer, church) we get less scared.
    so it's normal to be scared and that fear should make us run closer to God.
    it is not nice when friends and relatives die, but we should remember God rewards all those who die for the name of Jesus Christ. so it's better than having a good comfortable life, going to church once or twice a year, spending lots of time trying to make money and then dying comfortably at home in old age.

    if you have friends/relatives like that you should pray for them a lot. the ones who are suffering for their beliefs are already close to God.
    may God have mercy on us all.
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