Idea to help Tasbeha org fight spam

edited May 2011 in Technical Topics
Hi I don't know how you would implement this..

It's by using a routine that can analyze 'Report to moderator' short messages (similar to the automatic analysis and banning of posts with many URL links). Members can help moderators in cleaning spams by reporting a spammer, simply by including the keyword 'spam' in the report message. The routine should either build a quick list of all spams found in all forum sections for an easy revision or by immediately banning the spammer (up to you).

A check to avoid possible misuses is by flagging as true spam only those that were reported:
1. by established members, i.e. having a certain minimum number of posts;
2. by being reported at least twice by two different such members;
3. OR by 24 specially assigned such members that would ideally cover the hours of the day;

I hope this would be of any help.
God bless all the moderators and admins.

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