ughh...another new guy (jks)

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hey every1,

I'm new here...i'm the guy who posted 'what religion means to you'...great answers and great thoughts...if u wanna just give me a quick welcome (which u don't have to do), it's cool. and to keep it short, u can call me girgis.

Drop me a line!


  • WELCOME, Glad to have you as a part of the family.... looking forward to your posts.
  • hey girgis!
    welcome to the site!
    i hope you grow to love it and get addicted to it as most of us here have!
    can't wait to hear ur wisdom and insights on stuff!!

    take care and God bless
  • i hope you grow to love it and get addicted to it as most of us here have!
    can't wait to hear ur wisdom and insights on stuff!!

    thats ssoooo true!!!! its da only thing i do on the internet these days.. go on this site and
    real nice tho and addictive!!! learned so much from it!!!
  • wow!

    thanx, u guys! feels real nice to know u guys actually welcoming me...i've read a lot of the stuff some of u guys wrote in these forums, and i must say...they're very deep and spoken like a true copt.

    I love Coptic culture, heritage and's a sad fact that it's not being taught in the Egyptian school curriculum...I'm hoping to find out a lot about all of that here...btw, where i live there's no coptic orthodox church :'(, so if u guys know where i can get hymns, sermons and especially coptic backgrounds (for my computer), i'd really appreciate it!

    Thanx again!
  • welcome girgis
    im not new here but i just started 2 post i enjoy reading the topics and im starting 2 answer a few this is a very good and addictive site :)
  • :)
    Welcome Coptic Servant!


    Its good to see you participating here on the forum.As the old saying goes:"The more the merrier" ;D
  • Girgis,

    Girgis is a great name. My dear uncle's name was Girgis.

    Welcome aboard. Aloha.
  • hey Girgis... :P
    when u put ur mouse on media (dont click) ull see all the things u asked for... hymns, sermons and alot more... (for sermons my personal fav. is Anba Angaelos) but their all great!! when it comes to backrounds i dunno.. sowwie :-\ but u can always try

    † God Bless!! †
  • thanx guys...

    I was reading a book the other day about "the prayer of jabez"'s written by a minister (not Coptic), but it had some very interesting points about how if you keep praying God will bless your life. I've actually read the part about Jabez in the Bible, and tried to read the prayer that's in the Bible, and I've found it actually works...God has blessed me in my studies, my life, my family...but i don't know if this contradicts with our Coptic faith...

    What do you think?
  • ;D :Dhi..sup?..(lol)..welcome :)

    ill leave my welcome at that.

    is girgis ur last name? lol kinda like myself, everyone refers to me as awad.

    cant wait to read yur posts, and now that were all excited to see ur posts... THEY BETTER BE GOOD GIRGIS!!!

  • Welcom Girgis, God bless you.
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