many many miracles

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ok name all the awsome miracles that have happened to u,

see i always hear miracles from the past, what about NOW?

ive had some miracles but i want to hear about others' experiences. ;D


  • the greatest miracle happened to me: is me being here now, in the united states and doing all this work? It is GOD'S hand who has done that for me, I did nothing. It is a miracle. and many miracles happened with my dad to show us how GREAT GOD IS.
  • my sister had sever athsma as a child, but she was cured thats a miracle a great, great miracle! i love her so much and i thank god evey day for her, adn the many blessings he has givin me!

  • When I was little, I accidentally trapped myself in a glass shelf for like an hour...if it wasn't for God, my dad would've never found me, and i would've choked to death!

    I was a stupid child when I was little (now that i think about it)!
  • My greatest miracle is my family, and the fact that they raised me to be devout in an academic way. To reach for good out of want and knowledge and not by supersition.

    There are many miracles that have happened to me including my birth. I wasn't supposed to live.

    My mother says that everything happens in the last minute for me, yet it is always the brightest and best. Many times things were hopeless, and in the twelfth hour everything was changed by the Almighty--Himself.

    And the Praise be to God.
  • hey guys
    this is my first topic to write in coz i juss registered a minute ago
    i juss wanna say that we are always goin on bout all the miracles that hapen in front of our eyes n dat, n sum of us stand in front of a saints relic asking for a miracle to happen , when the biggest miracle happens in front of us on da altar every sunday mornin..
    we talk about the miracle dat happened to one of our family members being healed, but we dont talk bout how we eat and drink the body & blood of Christ on a weekly basis, which is the BIGGEST miracle
    :) write back n tell me wat u think
  • ha yes u are right...and welcom to the site this place rocks i am hokked and welcom to the greatest addiction of all time :)


  • yes, you are definitly right about what you said about the miracle on every sunday. i agree with you esp. because most people dont realize that.
  • Well the greatest miracle that happened to me is that my parents couldnt have they had been trying for years but when Saint Mary appeared in baba dublo my mom was there n she cried n asked for a baby...that was on April 17th 1986...and if you count EXACTLY 9 MONTHS LATER....... thats My Birthday ;) hahaha my mother never fails to tell others this story.

    Another Miracle that happened to me was the day I was baptized my parents went to go see Abouna Fanous and they werent allowed to go in to see him but a monk told him my parents n me were there and Abouna Fanous asked the monk to bring the baby in (me). I guess he prayed on me and he SOAKED my head in oil to the point where my mom was afraid i was gonna get sik...that night my 3amo had me a baptism party n when my mom was leaving she tripped on the stairs and i went flyingggggg ..there r rusty stairs with metal sticking out of them etc....i was roughly 2 months old.....went to the hospital etc, But luckily n amazing enuff I wasn't hurt n my head didnt suffer any damage. :D

    Those are just two of my personal experiences...

    The other thing i think so many coptic youth can relate to is when we use intercessions for exams n tests n stuff...recently after the tragic incident of Sylvia n her family i was really distracted that weekend and i hadnt studied for a chem alllll and when i was writing it, it was soooo weird (this is the first time it happened to me) but i TRULY had no idea what i was writing on that test but i just kept on writing n writing...and after i finished i told my friend m7amad...m like man i just failed that business...i get the test bak and i got 100% NO JOKE....i prayed that morning for God to help me and He sure came thru...

    n it was weird caz even after that test i was asking my friend for help on the stuff we got tested on and he was like what are you kidding ur the one that got a 100% on it...but m like i cant explain it man..i have no idea wat i was yeaaaa i was like ::) when this happened :D and thankful tho ;)
  • When i was in the hospital i was walking by a room when i herd a doctor speaking inside the room. She was in her eighties and I had just heard her doctor telling her that there was nothing more they could do for her. When he left, I heard her crying. My heart ached for her and I knew she needed someone to be with her then. I was young, around 8, then and walked up to her—all the while praying to God to put His words for her in my mouth so that I could comfort her.

    “I’m so sorry. I overheard.”

    “Oh, I’m so afraid!” The woman sobbed.

    “I understand.”

    “No, no, you don’t understand. I’m afraid God won’t want me because I haven’t always been a good person.”

    I asked her if she’d like to talk to God and tell Him how she felt and she said, “Oh, yes, yes. Will you stay with me?”

    I nodded as she folded her hands and poured her heart out to God, asking for His forgiveness and telling Him that she loved Him and wanted to be with Him. When she was done, her face just glowed with happiness as she said, “I just hope I can be with Him soon!”

    This happened in 1996. I feel I’ve been blessed to have played a part in this woman’s life, and also, after eight years, I’m still here. God isn’t through with me yet! lol :) ....not exactly a miracle but a huge blessing to me.
  • hey guys im new here.. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE and i love all of yall.
    okay here goes my miracle:
    when i was about 5 or 6 yrs old... my parents found out i had cancer in my right leg. Ofcaurse my mom went crazy, they took me to dar st. mina in egypt, and had some abounas pray over me and put on me oil and all that. they took me back to the hospital to do a surgery and if they had found out that it is 100% real cancer which the doctor was 99% sure it was, MY RIGHT LEG WOULD OF BEEN CUT OFF!!!!! so the cancer wouldn't go up to my lungs and kill me (something like that).
    so the night before the surgery, ST. ABANOUB and angel michael appeared to me in a dream, the background was black, ST.ABANOUB was wearing all white and had a brown big cross around his neck, he was like far away coming toward me, and right beside him was angel michael who was dressed up like a soldier(don't know why) and he had 2 huge wings ( they were really beautifull) i would never forget how they looked like, it was awsome.
    st.Abanoub came up to me and said with the most lovely smile i've ever seen "mat7'afeesh ya youstina, enty hatbky kewayesa" (translation:"Don't be scared youstina, you will be fine.") he got out oil from his pocket and put some on my leg. i felt soo happy and looked up to angel michael, he smiled, and that was it!
    i woke up, told my sister about the dream, she told my parents. my mom was extermely happy and knew that everything would be fine. she told me dad lets not do the surgery for her and put the money in dar st.mina. but my dad worrying about me did not agree and said noo we still have to make sure she is fine and all that. i did the surgery, they cut open my leg from the front, under my knee and down ( not all the way) so they could get a peace of bone, they sew it my leg back. my dad asked the doctor to send this bone to 2 diffrent examing places just to be sure of the results. after examing (testing) this bone of mine, the doctor surprisely found out there was nothing wrong with it ( from both of the results) . he told my dad "if u haven't asked me to send this to 2 diffrent examing places, i would of cut open ur daughter's leg again, got another bone, send it to a diffrent pace! because this is by no means a MIRACLE!"

    the mark of the cutting still shows in my leg till now, it has been about 11 years, but im very happy its there ( it will be there for the rest of my life) which im glad it will be, because everytime i look at it, i rem. how God has blessed me and i THANK him and st. abanoub million times. because without them i would be walking with ONE LEG!

    i hope this was not boring for you! and im really glad i had the chance to tell my story 8)

    sorry if that was too long for yall ::)

    **Smile- God Loves You** :)
  • sootycoptic4life,

    wow thats soo unbelievabley awsome!

    i wish a saint could appear to me but at the same time i would freek

    has anyone seen pope kyrillos ???????!!!!!!
    i would LOVE to see him
    i know ppl who have seen him in dreams etc and its so amazing hearing about them!
  • wow awesome story Sooty :o
    i cant even imagine how amazing such a scene would be...
  • wow...thats amazing...God was really with u during this time :),well i have a miracle to say, ok one time my cosin had a really bad ear infection and he cried from the pain he was like 5 or 6 years old and someone brought him a Picture of st.Abanoub and his mom place it on his ear and he stoped cry instantly like the milisecond my aunt placed it there they still have that very picture in a special place in thier house. we are so happy my cosin is ok now
  • thank you guys.. than makes me feel good for some reason!
    hey confused soul, nice story.. st.Abanoub is awsome, I LOVE HIM :)

    anyone has any other MIRACLES???

    **Smile-God Loves You** :)
  • Hi...

    a few months ago, my mother was earning her license to become a doctor. she was really worried because she was afraid she did bad on the exam, and was constantly praying. It was also near that time that my dear grandmother passed away. As i was sleeping one afternoon, my grandmother appeared to me in a dream saying 'don't worry... she will pass'...I awoke instantly, and had no idea what the dream meant. As i sat on the bed thinking about the dream, i heard my mother screaming with joy after she opened the letter...turns out, she passed!

    After a few months, my mom had her license and started her clinic. Her clinic has been growing ever since, and I thank God for that. As for my grandmother, it was good seeing her again (the last time i saw her was at the airport in august 2003, as she was going back to egypt). From that moment on, i stopped worrying about her because i knew where she was...the best place of all!

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