prayers for exams.

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Hello guys,

Tomorrow my route of exams starts. These exams are the final and these will destine my life and future. I've been doing too much stupid things this year and sinned A LOT. But I never lost trust to God! Please pray for a girl I've been stealing her time and got her in a harsh road before exams. Pray that she solves well, please... I don't know if I deserve God's help in exams at the time being, since I've been doing lots of foolish things. But anyway... please pray for me and may God do what He's up to.

P.S. Her name is Helen.

Thanks in advance,
May God bless you all.


  • Remember: If God wouldn't help anyone who sinned then no one would ever be helped. Thank the Lord for His mercy that He does not ever neglect us as we neglect Him. May He comfort your nerves and help you achieve success in your exams.
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