What religion means to you

Hey guys...

I'm new here, but I have had a question I wanted to ask my fellow copts for quite sometime...what does religion mean to you? does it mean your life, your blessing, your passion?

Talk about what religion means to you!

Coptic servant


  • my religion is my everything, my life, the one thing that keeps me going, the one thing that grants me happiness and joy, the one thing that gives hope in times of sadness...in short: the one thing that gives my life meaning
  • my religion means my eternal life

    it means that when i die i do not end

    it means that when i hunger and thirst someone will satisfy me

    it means when i cry someone will hear me

    it means i am not alone

    it means that my life has meaning, i am here for a reason

  • My religion is part of me, without religion being part of my life, I do not know where I would be. My religion gives me hope in my darkest times. My religion makes me feel that there is someone that really cares for me, even if no one else in the world does, God will always care for us and love us. Knowing that someone will always by your side, and no matter what we are facing, He will always be there, and He will help us and deliver us. It really means everything in the world to me, my religion is my all in all.
  • i cant define myself, without religion its everything, i am not me, without christ..hope that makes sense!

  • it does....and, as it seems, it's the same way for a lot of people here, including me!

    I feel that without religion (coptic orthodox), there's nothing to look forward to. There's no reason to wake up in the morning. There's no hope of me getting through any obstacle in the future. In a way, religion IS the future!

    Coptic Servant
  • :)

    If you mean by religion a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then "religion" is the most important thing in my life.Not something to enrich or enhance my life but actually my life itself.Without the LORD God there is no meaning in life.You just exist until you die and it doesnt matter if your rich or poor,famous or obscure,happy or sad.You just die.Your life has no purpose,no meaning,no lasting value.But praise God,The LORD does exist,and by His very existence life has meaning,purpose,value.Not only in this life but also in the one to come.Jesus is our life,our happiness,our joy,our strong delight.Without Him we are nothing,have nothing;but in Him we possess all things. Thank you o my God! May you be praised forever!
  • nicley said! i totaly agree i dont undersatand people who dont believe in the existance of God what do they have to look forward, there is no life after death, there is nothing! its so bleak and empty! and their lives must be bleak an empty as well without God!

  • Yea, it's like living without the love of Christ :)
  • God is light. God is life. God is the light of my life. The only thing i fear is the darkness without Him.
  • [quote author=cremedelescremes link=board=4;threadid=1141;start=0#msg19460 date=1107040021]
    God is light. God is life. God is the light of my life. The only thing i fear is the darkness without Him.

    i love it its awsom! :) your absoloutly right

  • God is light. God is life. God is the light of my life. The only thing i fear is the darkness without Him.

    I agree with Maria,that was awesome! Beautiful. :)
  • My Religion is My LIFE... Christianity defines everysingle aspect of my life, my actions, my goals, my friendship, everything!! i am so extremely blessed to have God in my life because he is the light of everthing, he sheds wisdom and love on the unknow and i'm soo thankful to BE A CHRISTIAN!!!

    Keep :Dling
  • look...religion is every thing we are not going to count them don't say it is just life it is every thing!

    [move][glow=red,2,300]*it is your whole life*[/glow][/move]

    keep me in your prayers!
  • The question of "What does religion really mean" is really a loaded question, because it assumes that we follow a "religion" in the first place.

    From The Spiritual Meadow by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo:

    "Orthodox Christianity is not a "religion," but a turning away from "religion" all together: it is a divinely established spiritual hospital for the healing of the spiritual/psychological illnesses of fallen humanity."

    From the faq section of the following Orthodox website: http://www.htgoc-ogden.org/faq.htm

    1. What is Orthodox Christianity?

    Orthodox Christianity is not a religion, an institution or an organization. It is, to the contrary, the way of life initiated by Jesus Christ and a living organism compsed of those who believe in Him. The Church is body of Christ, a people who:

    •   gather together in His name, thereby calling themselves Christian;

    •   share a common faith and hope based on the love of God;

    •   affirm the truth, or orthodoxy, of their faith, belief and experience; and

    •   proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all.
    An orthodox Christian, then, is one who fully lives and proclaims God's Truth as it has been revealed by Jesus Christ and experienced everywhere and at all times by His People, the Church.


  • It's true...

    so many christian faiths (even the Catholics) have become far too bureaucratic...depending too much on offices and titles...

    I won't say that we don't have that either, but we have based these titles strictly on religion...right?

    Sinful Servant
  • gr8 responses guys
    - i see religion as a true gift, as iqbal said, its a "spiritual hospital". we are cured, comforted and protected through our saviour
  • gr8 responses every1
    well for me coptic orthodoxy is my life
    its what makes me happy to wake up in the morning as im healthy and have a shelter and clothes and food, its what encourages me to do the things i dont want to do, it brings happiness to me as i know there will be more after i die, its what wipes away my tears when im sad and guides me day by day, its wat helps me to carry on through life and most of all it what gives me an oppurtunity to know and to love and to experience the grace and love by my Lord and also to partake of His sacraments and also to be worthy to be called His daughter
    with no christianity there is no life

    GB ALL
    GOD IS GREAT!!!!
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