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I would like to hear your opinions on the beneficial or futile benefits of staying politically updated.
most of us, being egyptian and middle eastern, have a lot of personal connections or biases towards staying educated on the instability, fluctuation, and news of the governments in the middle east - which are obviously very pressing and difficult issues - which would incline us to want to stay updated and have an opinion on the events of the area of our culture. 
but is there a benefit on being knowledgeable on these topics? 
Could being educated in these issues and having an opinion be beneficial in the sense that we might find an issue we feel close to and fight for justice?  Or could being educated in the issues (not necessarily limited to the middle east) help to make us more well rounded people and a better benefactor to our society?
Any thoughts on what i mentioned or anything pertaining to this topic?


  • For most Christians, staying politically updated can be a great thing. For people living in America it reminds us of how blessed we are. For all the tragedies we see, we remember our own sins and beseech God for His mercy.

    For the select few, who are striving after the Christian perfection, it is a waste of time. This is a very small group which does not think about anything worldly. I consider them those who received the 5 talents. 

    However, as long as you are not seeking this "awareness" or knowledge for the sake of knowledge alone, it is good. If you learn these things and somehow glorify God, continue. For we are called to glorify God in ALL things.

    As an example: If I read about the genocides in Africa but never pray for them, never thank God for His protection, never thought to be more compassionate toward my brothers and sisters, never donated money, etc., what have I done? All I did was learn about something going on in the world and maybe I will have an interesting conversation about it over coffee. That should not be the goal.

    Assuming we have only received one talent - we should stay updated in politics to glorify God with everything we learn, we are not expected to stay away from it.
  • Of course we should all always be trying to be staying politically updated, you about our situation and us about yours. More than being relatives we are all one in Christ, so we are all directly related in Him, and permanently, in this life and most hopefully also in the next one.

    The minimum yet powerful thing one should contribute with is by raising to the Lord daily fervent prayers for the benefit of all the other members of the Church. This is even more evident in these very difficult times.

    I am sure you all care a lot. You can all contribute much in many ways from your side of the world.

  • We also must remember that God allows these things to happen. More often than not to create a climate of repentance in order that we draw closer to Him. I think we should look at ourselves as a whole, examine ourselves if you will.
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