Please pray

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Please pray fervently for the COC in Egypt and for HH.



  • amen, Lord have mercy and guide us all in all truth.
    may He bless the life of our beloved patriarch and clergy and may all the people receive new courage and strength.
    rabina mawgood

    i have dear friends in egypt for the resurrection festival, may God bless them too and their church.
    i pray to also go next year!
    may God bless u too, john s 2000
  • May God have mercy on them....
  • Of course.

    Why doesn't the world do anything. It is clearly stated in the news that Muslims are rioting because there is a Coptic Governor. Doesn't something seem hmm... unfair or something??!!! Doesn't the United States get into the rest of the world's businesses to promote freedom and equality? Christians have neither of those in Egypt and nothing at all is done. Everyone only cares about oil in the middle east and nothing else... There can be "accidental" nuclear missiles hit all the coptic churches and no one would notice. people anger me.
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