Last Spper

During this time of every year, we hear in the secular media about "new discoveries" that challenge our faith.

This year is no exception: A "scientist" in London says that he "solved" the mystery of the Last supper

So, in light of this challenge, I post the following topic:

Our Lord Jesus Christ, when instituting the Sacrament of the Eucharist, celebrated it with His disciples using leavened bread.  This is clearly described in the Greek New Testament with the word "artos", i.e. "leavened bread", being used and not "azymos", "unleavened bread".

This immediately raises a few questions:

1)      If it was the Jewish Passover, how did He find leaven to use in the Eucharist?

2)      Did He celebrate the Passover on the correct day; the 14th of Nisan ?

3)      What is the correct teaching of the Coptic Orthodox Church on these issues?

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