help wanted

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i take final exams for this semester in two days and im borderline passing
latin3 is the hardest strugel ive ever been through
now i have a tangable thing to compare hell to.

pray that i can carry this heavey burden, a cross that has my name on it....

if any of u remember, on wend plz remember a person who may be across the sea, river or world who is praying the our father over their paper,

thank u for ur time!


  • ;D :) ;) :D hay awad
    good luk in ur xams nd also wen u r travelling ill b here praying 4 u dont worry too much k ull b fine i no with the blessings of Christ ;) :D

    May God help u on ur journey and during the xam ;) :D :) ;D

    GB ALL
  • latin3 is the hardest strugel ive ever been through

    dont get me started about latin lol :-X
  • i quit in grd 10 smartest thing i ever did! :)

    good luck i'll pray for you

  • here we dont have latin, we have french :-\ its probably just as bad.. i can imagine what ur going tru... good luck do as much studying as u can and then leave the rest to God.. he will take care of it.. but remember, play ur part, study, pray and them God will take it from there... if u do that then dont worry.. u'll be fine...
  • hahaha u guys are hilarious, ok three things:

    a. im not traveling what i meant was pray 4 some1 across the world. but i appreciate it thu!

    b. some1 prayed for me on mond and i thank whoever that may be caus i had a test on 400 vocab words, i fell asleep on 300...not ONE of the last100 showed up!!

    c. its wend, in 1 hour im taking my exam for latin its showtime so whoever prayed for me last time...keep it up!!!

    ps pray to pope kyrillos always for help in school, and st marina too, my ad prayed for park and he got the same parking space for 4 days now in front of my house...that never ever happens!!!
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