Holy Week order of services

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It would be helpful to me if some folk could list the full order of the services for Holy Week from Holy Thursday evening onwards.

In my small Church we have tried to do a more and more complete round of services as our congregation has grown, but it would be useful to have a full list of all the services to compare with what we are doing this year. What is your church doing and at what times?

Father Peter


  • At St. Mark in LA the schedule can be found here: http://stmarkla.org/downloads/pascha_schedule_2011.pdf
  • What are the times of the Saturday and Sunday services on this pdf? It is a bit confusing.

    It looks like you are starting the Sunday liturgy at 9pm on Sunday evening????

  • The first thing under bright saturday on the calender starts at 11 PM on Good Friday and goes until 5 am on bright saturday (Called night of the Apocalypse). Right after that a liturgy is done until 7 AM on Saturday.

    The Services for the Feast of the Resurrection start on Saturday night and end at 12:30 Am on Sunday.
  • That's what I thought, but the times are ambiguous on the pdf.
  • Fr. Peter,

    Are there any hymns, chants or prayers recorded by the BOC?
  • Father Peter,

    Does the BOC have the same rites during holy week? Obviously the hymns may not be the same and liturgy on great thursday may not follow the same rites but is the general "skeleton" if you will the same as our rites? Do your prayers for good friday last all day as ours do?
  • We follow the same rites for everything except our Liturgy is that of St James.

    That doesn't mean my small mission can support every prayer service but we are slowly increasing what we are able to do each year.
  • This is fabulous. May the Lord bless your service and make it fruit 30, 60, and 100 fold.
  • Thank you imikhail. We were counselled early on by a wise Canadian Coptic priest to not try to do more than was possible, but thank God, that which is possible increases each year.
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