iam new here

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Hi all how ru?
iam new here and my name is mary and iam 18 yrs. old and i live in nashville,TN happy to be around u all and to hear new things and meeting new people :)


  • i live in nashville,TN

    The home of the country and contemporary christian music scene... as well as those irrepressible Titans...lol...A wonderful place to live! ;)
  • thanx ,yeah lol
    its not that wonderful place but its good not that bad :-\
  • my aunt just arrived there! cool and welcom!

  • thanx maria and i hope ur aunt enjoys it here in nashville :)
  • welcome mary k. to this site!!

    it's alotta fun to be here, and it's great learning from the wisdom of others on this site...

    hope to year your words of knowledge on various topics!!!

    enjoy your stay and dont get too addicted ;)

    take care and God bless

  • Just a joke, but have there been any recent sightings of Elvis in TN. Let me know.
  • haha! elvis! and thanks i hope she likes it too....her first time outside egypt ever! and u know she is se3eede so new experiance ! i hope it doesnt snow! but i heard that u have nice temperature right now...unfortunatly i cant say the same for here!

  • Are you kidding, it's freezing here in Connecticut!
  • hi um i new here to...i just registerd 7 minutes ago...yeah .... :)
  • wow i'd do anything to get out of where i am MI hows the weater in TN?
  • me too.. hi silvia... i know u.. hehe anyways i registered here a loong time ago but i haven't really gotten around to posting until now.. hehe :)
  • hi Laura....um i hope we have lots of fun in here...religion is a fun topic to talk about
  • it was snowing this morning but not any more but its around the 20 something. but i heard that alot of other places is snowing hard we had around 1 inch ;D .

    lately i haven't heard anything about elvis i live in Nashville he's in Memphis :-\

  • Welcome Mary K. This is a warm and Christ loving community. By the way, r u Orthodox? If not, its ok :D... please receive a big Christian hug .
  • Mary K.,

    We got 20 inches of snow in my part of Connecticut, that why I had so much time today to make postings.
  • ilovesaintmark - wow 20 inch of snow there is no way it would happen here in TN :)
    and Boricua_Orthodox thanx :) yeah i am orthodox
  • Never say never.

    I have another wonderful adage that I coined: 'There's an ever in never, and even an ever in forever.' {for humans that is}
  • one inche..we had like 10 cm, i dunno what that is in inches i am so canadian..and then i am too lazy to do the math! i feel for u ilovesaintmark seriously thats a lot of snow! and my aunt i should call her see her reaction to the white stuff falling from the sky!! :) lol! anyways thanks for the update on the elvis issue! hehe

  • Maria
    10 centimeter = 3.9370079 inch exactly :)
    We had about 10 to 18 Inches here in NJ (about 25 to 45 cm)
    I guess you get used to it.
    Welcome to those who are new.
  • Welcome Mary. K. I am a newbie 2!! yay for us! lol
  • THATS ALOT OF SNOW, we got another 10 cm tonight !!!

    how do u cope i get angry!

  • actually, other than the shovelling and slippery conditions, it is rather beautifull to wake up and see everything covered in white.
  • I am kind of new too...I don't want to be a newbie...so hope you'll help me get involved. Pray for me and talk to me..
    God Bless you bros and sis..(what is plural abbreviation of sisters? :o

  • :)

    Welcome EgyptnCopt! Lookin forward to your posts! :)
  • welcome EgyptnCopt
    u guys r lucky u have alot of snow we dont get alot of snow :( ...
  • welcom welcom egyptncopt! ahhh this site is great its addicting :)

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