Why are all my posts marked as spam?!!

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Whenever I write a reply and click on 'post'.....it gives me a message that my post is marked as a spam and it will not appear until a moderator checks it?

Is it a glitch or is it done on purpose? Is it because of something I did?

How can I fix it?


  • Can anyone help? At all?

    EDIT: Never mind.....got it to work? But still....what was the cause? And the posts that I wrote, won't show up.
  • Take a hint. Nobody wants you here.

    Just kidding :D
  • LOL. You almost got me, there. ;D

    Well, thanks for the help.........
  • Hehe sorry...

    I'm kinda clueless as well though. It's probably like the problem with the post counts, just another mystery.
  • I'm going to regret posting here (because it doesn't count in my post count), but in January, the Admins adapted a stricter system to avoid spammers by making it harder to sign up for an account and post lengthy posts. Usually if you quote a person in your post, it will mark it as spam. If you incorporate links, it'll mark it as spam. If your post is too long, spam. Fr. Peter goes in and checks in the 100's of "marked as spam" posts daily and releases what isn't spam. It may take a few hours, but he's usually really quick about it. You just have to be patient :)

    And we do want you here :)
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