Father Peter, Please Reply

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Father Peter,

I hope this is not inappropriate. I just wanted to get your attention, make a quick request and send you a reminder as I am not sure how often you check your personal messages :)

I have sent you several questions via personal message, the first one was dated 25 May 2010, but I don't think you answered any of them yet  :( I am not sure why. I would very much appreciate your answers to them, especially the ones regarding marriage and the one that I sent today (but also the other ones).

I just wanted to remind you of my questions and request that you please answer them for me  :)

Hope you can help.
God bless



Father Peter,

I posted this in the 'Faith Issues' section but thought I would post it in the 'Personal Issues' and in the 'Coptic Orthodox Church' sections as well in case you didn't come across it.
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