Fasting Struggles

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Hello everyone,

Kol sana w' all of you taybeen. I wanted some opinions on fasting. It's been a struggle searching for syami food the past couple weeks and I'm trying my best to maintain my fast. However, I'm growing less attached to my normal meals I always make. Does anyone know any good recepies or just general dish ideas I can make? To be honest, it's really hard fasting in my household because there's barely anything syami and I don't know anything I could make when I'm hungry. I really appreciate any advice on dishes and snacks I can eat.

Thank you so much rabina ma3akom.


  • Sure! You can buy pita bread and hummus and make hummus sandwhiches out of hummus, lettuce and tomato.
    You can make guacamole by taking avacadoes, tomato, onion, jalepeno, and adding lemon and salt for a dip or spread. As a dip you can eat it with nacho chips, as a spread you can put it on pita bread and eat it in place of hummus.
    You can eat rice with veggies...If I remember something else I'll let you know hope this helped GOD Bless
  • Are you saying that you don't have el meh3al el araby (an arabic store) near you?! I don't know how you would survive without it. JK. :P There, is molokhaya and koshary and ol'as..... and so much arabic food.

    Anyway, there is always pasta, fruit, veggies, bagels, cereal and did you know that in subway they have siami Sandwiches? Anddid you also know that subway's franchise has the most stores in the world? They have those veggie patties and you choose what you would like on it. Its actually fills you up.

    Hope I helped somehow!
  • I've been enjoying stir fries and rice. Also lots of soups with bread.
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