The Aftermath

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Hey guys, I was just wondering about something. After this whole unfortunate news event, I wanted to see if anyone was experiencing the same things at home with their parents. They are now very paranoid about my being online because of the rumors traveling about, and they want to know every single thing going on to make sure I don't give out any info, etc, etc. They also become very scared to see the religious sites because of the above said rumors. I was interested to see if anyone was having the same issue, and to see how they were dealing with it.

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  • actually...after this incident i think my parents are a lil paranoid as well although they won't admit it. the other day we were just checkin online to see if any of our information is online. there also saying to make sure the doors are all locked and the blinds are closed when their not home even though we already lock the doors there sayin it more. my uncle thinks sum1s mite come and poison Lulu (our rotwiler) but he was already paranoid before the incident.
  • So good to know it's not only me. My family is doing the same with the doors and such, and I keep telling them that the criminals didn't break in, but I'm ignored. My parents are alos thinking of getting a dog because they can "protect well".

  • its okay they LOVE you so much... you gotta be happy.
  • Yea, lots of parents are..I don't blame them to be honest.
  • What happened to alarm systems?
    Well after what happened I was a little freaked out, I cried a lot for the first day and I was very upset, infact I was very sad the first 2 days and I couldn't stop thinking and imagining what happened, it reached the point that I felt unsecure and kinda felt a little uneasy with going on websites that relate to Religion anymore, as for my parents, well my dad was like that's very sad but my mom was like DON'T EVER GO ON SUCH WEBSITES AGAIN....I hope things kinda calm down later on....

  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=1;threadid=1107;start=0#msg18591 date=1106277103]
    its okay they LOVE you so much... you gotta be happy.

    I know they do, and I really do appreciate it, but some things are really going overboard like this fear they have against religious websites now. But who knows, maybe I'm not the only one, keep the replis coming you guys.

  • yup same here, i've been strictly ordered not to discuss anything of this online, and of course i follow strictly what they said ::)
  • yeah my parents too. They're definitely serious about keeping the family safe and i thank them so much for that.
  • omg my parents too
    but my mom mostly
    every time im online i have to be asked of what am i doing and why and how long
    ive been warned abbout the websites and the chatrooms for like a thousand times
    and about the doors, i really dont blame them because im a little paraniod myself, my aunt callls to check on us and to tell us to lock the doors and stuff

    i dont know if its a sin or not but ive been very scared lately. for example
    yesterday i was up late alone because i had two papers to write and it was like 2 in the morning and i was terrified to death. i kept thinking of what i would do if someone attacked me and i kept thinking of the easiest way out. LOL
    im werid like that
    but its just bec i was alone and all i keep thinking about is the incident, that have been on my mind since i heard about it. so finally when i was done and i went to bed, i still couldnt sleep AT ALL thinking about if anyone breaks in'
    i really hate the fact that these guys that did this affected our lives like that
    i shouldnt be affecteed and i shouldnt be scared like that
    so anyway i wondered off the topic, my point is that yes my parents are the same thing
    and they cant stand me being online anymore
    they have to be on my back LOL
  • again its okay if they are more strict... they should've done that from the first place, even before anything happend... because chatting with muslims... hindus... jews, who cares what religion it is.. a problem is gonna happen.
  • true, schoolbishoy
  • kept thinking of what i would do if someone attacked me and i kept thinking of the easiest way out. LOL
    im werid like that

    LOL...Several years ago someone broke in to my brothers house and tried to kill him{supposedly...some people question him on that statement,all I know is something happened}.Ever since that day I always sleep with some kind of weapon close to me i.e. baseball bat, call it my "war weapon" get kidded alot about it but its always better to be safe than sorry,isnt it...I always think about if I have to flee my house or something what would be the best "escape route"...LOL...So I know how you feel... ;) Alittle paranoid I know but in todays crazy world you never know what will happen.Just last night some guy kidnapped a 19 year old girl at walmart and then killed her..somewhere in Texas{Tyler I think}...Its just crazy out there.
  • WOW great to know that im not the only one but terribly sad about the girl
    also when i was in bed i kept thinking if someone broke in should i prretend to be asleep or scream and yell for someone to help
    i reached the decision that bec my room is the only room on the first floor in my house and all other rooms are upstairs so i figured that they wont hear me if i scream so i found that the easiest way is to run out of the house. LOL (if they give me a chance)
  • i reached the decision that bec my room is the only room on the first floor in my house and all other rooms are upstairs

    Switch rooms! you have brothers make them sleep on the first ;)
  • i would but my brother is a coward
    i guess im the brave one LOl
    from outside but from inside im terrified
  • i would but my brother is a coward

    LOL... ;D
  • my mom told me to stop using this site ...its obvious i am not yeah i should confess about this !

  • ....yea for a while i was thinkin bout sleepin beside ma phone jus incase anythin happened...and everytime my whole family was together at get a lil more paranoid...but thats kinda been less intense as time for ma parents bein paranoid at first they were a little...they encouraged i post bout Christianity as oppose to debating other things or religions that offend or would bother people or whatever....personally, as long as m posting truth in light of the Gospel of Our Lord then m happy...

    thats the aftermath of it on me n ma family
  • well the thing that my parents dont know is that i got into a convo once on an arabic chat room about islam
    i didnt say anything bad about their religion except that i pointed out all the stuff that their religion said
    and that seemed to get them very angry
    so i stopped when that incident happened
  • my mom doesnt like me on any religious websites anymore
    she says how can u trust them.
    on one hand i dont blame her but on the other hand i wanna be free to say anything that i wish and to preach my religion
    afterall that is what god intended us to do
  • i dont mean to frighten anyone anymore than we all are already but, in my opinion no matter how cautious you are, if God has permitted it to happen, it will happen we just have to lead lives as normal as possible.

    my parents dont want me even on this site.

    its okay to be scared, but we cant let fear take control of us and take over our lives
  • I agree... if you die, it is by God's permission... so if anyone breaks in the house, try to avoid them... but if you die, its by God's permission.

    when God chooses the time... IT'S TIME.... whether in the car, on bed, walking... or even taking a dump (elvis?)
  • hey guys
    use all sound so like afraid an all but remember one thing.
    dey were all martyrd 4 da name of our saviour jesus christ. can u imagine dyin 4 him how great ur reward would b.
    plz don b scared but find it as a way of freedom from dis world. i know cus were onli human dat our emotions an feelins get out of hand but try an control them an ask god 4 help and he wont let u down

  • i totaly agree with mazza, we really need to ask God to stand by us an dgive us strength to fight fear! i think the only reason people fear is because they forget that God is present with them at everymoment of every day, if we know and truly believe that God is with us and watching over us every minute then everything will be okay and we wont fear! (pope shenuda said alot about this in his book the life of faith! i am pretty sure! read it its great i loved it :))

    May God always stand by us and make us stronger and dissapate all the fear!Amen

  • Guys, it seems that what happened has affected us all, it has stolen our courage and demolished it and now we are scared to proclaim the NAme of Christ lest we face consequences.

    Our freedom of speech, where is it? Have they stuck their knives in our mouthes so that we SHUT IT! By all means, let us not allow this to happen. The Gospel tells us not to be scared of him who kills the body for after killing us he can do nothing else but we shoyuld fear him who tortures the soul......God told Joshua "Be Strong and of GREAT courage...." and I think this goes for all of us...

  • :)

    Good word,Mike.
  • I totally agree with you all you guys. We just have to see how everything progresses, and then I guess I'll tell you how it's all going, and anyone who wants to share, please don't hold back.

  • In the aftermath, your family should not be paranoid in my opinion because this was an act of god. God allowed this to happen because of some reason. Also it was the time for the Armaniuos family to go up to heaven. Plus we are not exactly sure that the chatroom is the reason for this very unfortunate event. This might be a rumor because people think that it is an act of robbery.

  • for me theres nothing to fear
    i would rejoice and proclaim witha voide of joy if i was martyred
  • I honestly agree with that, but some of our parents don't see that. They're too blinded by fear for us that they don't want to see all the facts. They are only going by rumors.

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