Am i using the wrong way?

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  • It depends on what you mean by this. I also type many things here that I wouldn't say to my friends, but that's because most of my friends are non-Christians, and even the ones who are sympathetic to Christianity have no idea what Coptic Orthodoxy is. So I guess I'm kind of jabbering away here by default.

    Well, default and love.  :)

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • its not the wrong way because we are all brothers and sisters of christ and we need to help each other at the time of need
  • I would try to avoid putting too much personal information that you wouldn't want others who know you to see.
  • better to use then tell your friends, who may be going through the same thing. in this case, 2 blind people can't lead each other. plus, some foreign insight wouldnt hurt :)
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