Father Peter video on the Eucharist - Part 1

Thanks to the support of some dear Orthodox friends I have been able to set aside a little bit of time to produce the first of a series of videos looking at the Orthodox teaching on the Eucharist from the Scriptures and the Fathers. Each presentation will be about 10 minutes in length and will build up to a comprehensive description of the Orthodox understanding.

I have used Youtube to host it at present and you can see it here on my Orthodox Mission blog..


Do pray for this ministry. I certainly need your prayers, but I also need the support of more Orthodox friends to be able to set aside time to create these videos, and other resources.

God bless

Father Peter


  • thanks Fr. Peter! what a great presentation! God bless your efforts.
    please pray for me.
  • God Bless you, Fr. Peter. May God send you the people you need to help your ministry.
  • Thank you Father!!!

    Also feel free to let me know if you ever need any help with something. God has given me a lot of free time lately and so I might as well do something useful rather than waste time watching tv :).
  • I have had some helpful comments from folk and I'll be re-recording this video of the next few days.

    In particular, in case anyone else thought of these comments, I'll be moving the camera back a bit, and sitting down, and having the camera next to my notebook where I am running some teleprompter software.

    Let's see how that improves things.

    God bless

    Father Peter
  • Very interesting.

    An off-topic question though - Why do you say Holy Ghost rather than Holy Spirit? Is it just the way you were taught to say it and there is no reason really?
    I'm just curious.

  • Holy Ghost is what we say in English.

    Here is a passage from the Bible...

    Mat 28:19  Going therefore, teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

    Father Peter
  • (lol) I know that!
    But more along the lines to what I was getting at: Why do you personally say Holy Ghost? Is there any difference whatsoever between saying Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit?

    I know I don't think there is any difference at all, and I wouldn't mind either way... but I know in the Coptic Church, well at least my church, we are used to saying Holy Spirit and I never recalled hearing Holy Ghost being used. Is this the opposite in the BoC?

    In the NKJV translation it's Holy Spirit.. I know you used the KJV translation. And the only difference is that NKJV uses more modern words like You instead of Thou etc. So, I don't think it makes any difference..
  • The two words are equivalent. For those used to more traditional English the form 'Holy Ghost' comes naturally, but if I was writing an article I would probably use 'Holy Spirit'. I guess most younger people would not use Holy Ghost so much, but it depends on their exposure to traditional liturgical language.
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