ibrahim ayad

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Hey guys. i would frist like to say i love ibrahim ayad he is my favorite mo3alem and i learn all my hymns from his tapes. but i would like to know why he doesnt use the trianto during the masses? isnt it part of our coptic church cannon?
thanx :)


  • The use of triangles and cymbals are not part of the Canons of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Canons identify codified laws and dogmas and their ensuing interpretations in the daily lives of the people as decided and ratified by the Holy Synod of Bishops.

    The triangle and cymbal are tradition and ethnic expressions in the life of the Coptic Orthodox. They are an optional feature in the rites and rubrics of the Church.

    It is nice that you have an appreciation of the Coptic chants. In your learning of these glorious tunes that have been passed down since our pharaonic ancestors (in the Christian adaptation), remember and learn their rich meaning. It would be more meaningful in your life to first learn them in their thoughtful words and later the tune.

    As a point of thought there are better sources in the Church than Ibrahim Ayad for the renditions of the chants, i.e., Cantors: Fahim, Farag, Mikhael (the great cantor of the twentieth century), Louis, etc.
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